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2trò chơi is an officially authorized digital video clip game retailer that’s been around since 2014. For years now, we’ve worked with some of the biggest, most prominent game companies in the world to lớn supply gamers around the globe with phenomenal games at increasingly competitive sầu prices.

Maximum safety and guaranteed game key authenticity are our bread and butter, và 2Game has received impeccable nhận xét on all fronts from its hundreds of thousands of users.

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At last, though, we’ve sầu decided that it’s time to lớn take a brave step forward and embrace the future. Now, users around the world are able to buy officially sourced PC game keys via 2trò chơi using a number of prominent cryptocurrencies.

We support the following cryplớn formats, with many more coming down the line:


Bitcoin Cash


USD Coin



2trò chơi is one of the very first authentic game retailers khổng lồ support as wide an array of cryptocurrencies for game purchasing, và lớn further underline our dedication lớn this development, we’ve sầu even got plans for the introduction of a potential 2Game Coin further down the line.

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2Game believes that the future is now. With cryplớn on the rise, it’s only a matter of time before this astonishing monetary development takes over the world. By allowing gamers to lớn purchase the most exciting upcoming games on the market using their cryplớn, we’re doing our part in making this a reality.

Join us as we brave the cutting edge of game key delivery on PC: get ready 2Game with crypto!

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