The best vr games for android and iphone

For VR gaming on a budget, the best VR games for Android và iPhone offer an alternative sầu to lớn expensive sầu VR headsets.

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There"s no doubt that virtual reality gaming headsets are expensive. Even when discounted, you can still expect lớn spover hundreds of dollars on a headmix. However, for VR gaming on a budget, the best VR games for Android and iOS offer an alternative sầu.

With Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear, Daydream, và even standalone VR headsets lượt thích the Oculus Go, cheap VR gaming is totally feasible. Here are the best VR games for your smartphone.

A Word on mobile VR Gaming

While it"s likely you have sầu a điện thoại thông minh capable of virtual reality, you"ll want lớn double-kiểm tra this. Even if your phone is compatible, you"ll still need a headmix, & possibly a controller as well. If you want lớn avoid the extra cost of a controller, you should kiểm tra out the VR games that you can play without a controller instead. (Of course, there are many interesting thiết bị di động games that aren"t based on VR at all.)

As for mobile VR headsets, they can range from inexpensive options lượt thích the Google Cardboard which you can buy or even build, lớn pricier alternatives such as the Samsung Gear VR or Google Daydream. Even the Daydream và Gear VR are fairly cheap when compared to the Vive sầu và Oculus.

The following mobile VR games are specifically for the Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, và Google Cardboard. We"ve looked at the best không lấy phí Oculus games if you"re interested in those.

Hidden Temple sản phẩm điện thoại VR Game

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Don"t get too excited by the title of this game. Although Hidden Temple Adventure includes the phrase "Hidden Temple," it"s not related khổng lồ Nickelodeon"s classic Legends of the Hidden Temple cuộc chơi.

Nevertheless, Hidden Temple Adventure offers a point-and-cliông chồng experience in virtual reality. Its immersive gameplay & beautifully-rendered visuals make Hidden Temple VR Adventure one of the best VR games for Android và iOS.

Download: Hidden Temple VR Adventure for Android | iOS ($3.99)

VR Noire Mobile Game
Although virtual reality is visually stimulating, gaming is often best when it"s story-driven as well. Enter VR Noir, an immersive sầu VR game where you play as a private detective sầu.

VR Noir delivers a cinematic experience và almost transcends pure gaming. The voice acting is top-notch, and the narrative is engrossing. Because of this engaging format, VR Noir is one of the top VR games for Android và iOS.

Download: VR Noir for Android (Free) | iOS ($0.99)

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Vanguard VR di động VR Game
If you"re looking for an excellent VR game for iOS, kiểm tra out Vanguard V. This game is a rail shooter that employs a third-person perspective sầu. It"s one of the best VR iPhone apps for Google Cardboard. This epic title is fast-paced, but it"s a bit on the shorter side. Since many VR Mobile games don"t take much time khổng lồ beat, that"s not terribly shocking.

The visuals and audio are phenomenal---even the voice acting & soundtraông xã really stand out. As đánh giá note, controls are slightly challenging and require lots of neông chồng muscles. Better hit the thể hình before trying Vanguard V.