Age of magic


Age of Magic – Since ancient times, people have always dreamed of a kind of power nguồn called magic. It is thought that this miracle energy can make themselves more intimate with the divine. Actually, there are people called wizards who are supposed khổng lồ have this ability but everything has nothing lớn prove. All of them exist only in stories. But of course, the trò chơi is a world that people create lớn satisfy their needs. The magical worlds are created with many variations lớn satisfy the strangest imagination of man.

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Age of Magic is a new trò chơi launched in 2018, with stunning graphics. The game has shown its position when the number of downloads is quite large on the Google Play game download. Besides, although it has just been announced, it has updated many new maps as well as upgraded the mechanism. Players are constantly improving their experience with this game. Playkot LTD also has some successful products but this is the first sản phẩm in the role-playing genre. But it was a new victory for them. This is also the most graphics-intensive product of their published games.



Since the protagonist was a weak boy, he received the gift of a monk with enormous magical powers. They practiced together on the high mountain, where the monk lived. But an incident that caused the life of the protagonist changes that can not be reversed. The devil arrives & destroys the teacher he loves. This is a great attack against the soul of this child. He decided lớn train the most powerful magic khổng lồ avenge his master. Years later, he returned. Now, the player will play a hero.

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Unique, attractive MOBA game

You will role-play and play as a role-playing game. The player controls the character through a team of five. The battles will take place at a fairly stable tốc độ with familiar turn-based mechanics. But with full 3d graphics in true color, it will bring unforgettable experiences.

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With the new update a few days ago, Age of Magic will have a whole new map. Act III of the Valley of Treasures will be available in the trò chơi with shards for Bellara, Arekhon Ax Thrower, Gassar, and Arekhon Guardsman. Vị not wait, the heroes are waiting for you with the adventurous adventure along with the forgotten magic from this world. Find out through the fight offline.