Akg k 420

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Frequency response, Impedance, Frequency response with standard AMPs Your browser does not tư vấn Canvas
Perception of tai nghe frequency response curves of equal loudness ISO 226-2009Your browser does not tư vấn Canvas
Sensitivity average in band from 100 Hz - 10 kHz119.1dB/V SPL
105.0dB/mW SPL
Impedance average in band from 40 Hz - 15 kHz38.2ohm
For 90 dB SPL, a voltage is required-29.1dBV
Taking into tài khoản the peak factor of 9 dB for the music signal-20.1 dBV
Measurements were performed on the stand:HDM1

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We tested AKG K 420 in 2010~2014 on older HDM1 stand. Now all headphones of this type chạy thử on modern HDM-X stand. Frequency response in this report in not precision and it don"t compare with frequency response another headphones, which thử nghiệm on HDM-X stand. If possible, we’ll retest those headphones. You can give us AKG K 420 and we test its again và will refresh this report.
Type of device :
Headphones Wireless headphones Internal sound cards USB-DAC DACs Combines with USB Smartphones Players Headphones with active amplification External sound cards tai nghe Amplifiers with Line In Laptops & Tablets Combines with SPDIF Motherboards Displays Bluetooth-in Headphones tested in : normal frequency range wide frequency range (HD) Headphones tested on : stands of the old generation modern stands Type of headphones : In-Ear or Tablet On-ear Over-ear The type of acoustic kiến thiết : Closed open Semi-open
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Frequency response & sensitivity AKG K 420 headphone

Sensitivity average in band from 100 Hz - 10 kHz119.2 119.0dB/V SPL
Sensitivity average in band from 100 Hz - 10 kHz105.1104.8 dB/mW SPL
Sensitivity at 1 kHz117.4116.7dB/V SPL
Sensitivity at 500 Hz116.7116.4dB/mW SPL
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The sensitivity of the headphones F.A.Q. Is determined by the amplitude-frequency response curve F.A.Q. With the specified sound pressure dB SPL of 1 VRMS. For 0 dB, trăng tròn μPa is assumed.By the sensitivity of the headphones, you can predict the volume cấp độ developed by the headphones at any chosen frequency with the known supply voltage lớn the headphones from the amplifier. Knowing the value of your comfortable volume cấp độ , you can check the amplifier for compatibility. Three-wave smoothing F.A.Q. Is used khổng lồ eliminate the interference of waves due khổng lồ the use of a "point" microphone. The frequency response in RAA is obtained through the reproduction và analysis of a special noise signal with the subsequent generation of an impulse response. The frequency response plot is constructed from the spectrum of the impulse response. The difference in amplitudes of 6 dB is equivalent to a twofold ratio of signal levels.Original text in Russian report. You can help with translation via the feedback or select text & press Ctrl+Enter (anonymously).