The 50+ Best Fantasy Anime Of All Time, Ranked By Fans

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The many sub-genres of fantasy anime provide a wide variety of titles lớn choose from that can suit anyone"s taste, and here are some of the best.

From dark khổng lồ contemporary fantasy, there is much to lớn learn và even more lớn love about the infinite possibilities that come with such a rich & complex genre, including in the world of Japanese animation. Fantasy is any work of fiction involving the supernatural or the impossible, from fairies và magic to Tolkien-style kingdoms & much more, và the best fantasy anime are always worth a watch, even for casual fantasy fans.

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Some high fantasy anime are just filler, such as the endless variety of isekai fantasy anime that don't really go anywhere, but the genre still has plenty to offer. Anyone looking for a great new fantasy anime to watch can đại bại themselves in a world of magic and monsters, from dark fantasy to supernatural stories to the best isekai that actually bởi have something lớn say in their wonderful fantasy world.

Updated on March 2nd, 2023 by Louis Kemner: The vast world of fantasy anime khổng lồ watch keeps growing every year, especially with isekai doing much of the heavy lifting. Lượt thích most genres of anime, fantasy has some underwhelming series that are hardly worth a watch, like My Isekai Life or Farming Life in Another World, so anime fans are keen on finding the best fantasy anime and focusing only on those. Fortunately for them, plenty of top-tier fantasy anime are ready for viewing, và many anime fans agree that these titles are the real magic of the fantasy genre. đoạn clip OF THE DAY

15 Maria The Virgin Witch


set against the backdrop of the Hundred Years' War between France & England, Maria the Virgin Witch follows a witch using her magic to try khổng lồ force both armies lớn stop fighting. There is a good bit of comedy surrounding Maria’s virginal status, especially as she has an incubus và a succubus serving her as familiars.

The battles are incredible & this anime has some of the most accurate medieval martial combat ever depicted with cutthroat mercenaries & knights in full plate clashing in the din of melee. Maria is a fun character who gives heart to the series, adding magic and joy to lớn a world beset by grim violence và tragedy.


InuYasha is an older series that easily stands the demo of time, và interested fans can also kiểm tra out the sequel, Yashahime. Set in Sengoku Era Japan, InuYasha follows a time-displaced girl from the present named Kagome Higurashi & the half-demon Inuyasha as they battle many supernatural horrors together.

InuYasha is one of the most beloved and best fantasy anime out there, & it's also an early example of isekai done right. Kagome is a girl of two worlds, trying lớn juggle her late 1990s Tokyo life with her deadly adventures of demons và magic in the feudal era.


Death Note's urban fantasy story follows protagonist Light Yagami, a brilliant high school boy who acquires a magical journal known as a Death Note. If he knows a person’s name và what they look like, Light can write that person's name in the book, which will result in their death.

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Light begins to kill criminals with his new powers, using the name Kira as he tries khổng lồ kill his way to creating a better world. A police task force forms to lớn stop him, headed by a mysterious genius known as L, someone every bit as smart as Light. This story is a trò chơi of cat and mouse, filled with dark magic and death gods, all set in modern-day Tokyo.


Berserk is widely celebrated as one of the greatest manga series ever made. While the most recent 2017 anime series is a bit of a mess, the original '90s anime is a beautiful adaptation of the “Golden Age” arc of Kentaro Miura’s manga. The three Berserk: Golden Age films are also excellent.

This series follows Guts, a scarred fearsome mercenary captain of the Band of the Hawk. While fighting in the frontlines with his massive sword, Guts & the Hawks encounter unspeakable demons— và human enemies who are every bit as deadly. While the fight scenes are spectacular, Berserk’s truly unforgettable because of its amazing characters and philosophical explorations.

Fruits Basket is a fantasy-lite anime that also appeals khổng lồ fans of traditional romance & high school rom-com anime, giving it broad appeal. The deredere protagonist Tohru Honda met the reclusive Sohma family and learned their bizarre secret: that a centuries-old curse has bound them together with the spirits of the Chinese zodiac.

Yuki, Kyo, Hatsuharu, & the other members of the Sohma family transform into animals when hugged, but it's not all fun & games. These magical bonds usually bring misery lớn the Sohma family, especially with Akito as the family head, so Tohru soon vows to không tính tiền the tragic Sohmas from this bond of fate once và for all.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is widely recognized as not just one of the best fantasy anime series, but one of the best anime of any kind. This legendary shonen anime stars the Elric brothers Edward và Alphonse, who once committed the taboo of attempting human transmutation to lớn revive the dead.

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Ed and Al hoped to lớn use the Philosopher's Stone lớn revive their mangled bodies, but that quest soon got them swept up in a whirlwind of conspiracies, monstrous homunculi, strange alchemy, và shocking secrets about alchemy và even the founding of Amestris itself.

The Ancient Magus Bride takes place in an alternate version of London, England. A teenage girl named Chise allows herself lớn be sold as a slave at an auction after growing up an orphan and homeless. An ancient & well-known mage named Elias Ainsworth recognizes her lớn be a rare sort of mage called a Sleigh Buggy.

This reveal turns the tables for Chise who is now worth more than she would have hoped. Elias offers Chise the opportunity lớn become his apprentice and grow into her power nguồn with the only counterpart that she will one day become his bride, thus the title The Ancient Magus Bride.

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Atsuko "Akko" Kagari is a teenage girl fascinated by magic & all its wonders. Even if magic seems obsolete in the eyes of society, Akko enrolls in a prestigious magical school for girls called Luna Nova Magical Academy khổng lồ kickstart Little Witch Academia's high fantasy story.

No matter how hard she tries, Akko still struggles khổng lồ fit in as she comes from a non-magical background & has very little magical talent. Luckily, Akko came into possession of an ancient magical relic that once belonged lớn a powerful witch before she gave up on her dream of becoming a witch herself. Now she can now compete against the other students and work towards her dream.

The titular Abyss in Made in Abyss is a seemingly bottomless pit in which treasures and mysterious creatures can be found. A city built around it is trang chủ to one of the best Divers, Lyza. To everyone's surprise, her latest mission goes horribly wrong and she disappears within the abyss, leaving behind her a daughter: Riko.

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Determined lớn find her mother, Riko aspires to climb up the ranks of white Whistle and dive into the Abyss herself. During her first mission, she encounters a strange robot boy suffering from amnesia và the two of them venture deep into the Abyss. Despite its colorful & adorable design, Made in Abyss hides a pretty dark fantasy story with the promise of a thrilling & fascinating adventure.

In a world where ghouls, human flesh-eating creatures, live among humans, a college student named Ken Kaneki miraculously survives an encounter with one of those creatures early in Tokyo Ghoul's story. Upon waking up at the hospital, Ken learns that the surgery he underwent transformed him into a half-ghoul.

The story follows him as he learns khổng lồ live with his new condition và come to terms with this new reality. Because Ken is now neither ghoul nor human, he struggles khổng lồ find a place to lớn fit in, with villainous ghouls và expert CCG investigators hunting him down everywhere he goes.

Miss Kobayashi's long Maid is a charming reverse isekai anime that, for comedy fans, definitely ranks among the best fantasy anime out there. The story begins when the office worker Kobayashi meets a dragon named Tohru who can transform into a human size to fit into modern society.

Tohru offers to lớn work as a maid for Kobayashi to lớn repay her for her kindness, however, Tohru's unorthodox methods often bring more chaos than actual help. Still, Tohru means well as Kobayashi's devoted maid và is a formidable fighter, which actually comes in handy when rival dragons và monsters make a ruckus.

Hidden around the world are several labyrinths called "Dungeons" that people attempt khổng lồ find in hopes of uncovering some valuable treasures. Despite being total strangers, Aladdin, a young magician, & Alibaba decide to lớn go in search of one of those Dungeons together in order lớn pay for the damage they have done to lớn a rich merchant's supply cart.

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To their surprise, what was supposed to be a simple quest for treasures turns out khổng lồ be life-changing for both of them. The Magi anime tells a fine fantasy story, though it only runs for 25 episodes. Devoted fans may continue the story in the original Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic manga, which runs for 37 volumes.

Demon Slayer's anime quickly became one of the biggest names in not just fantasy anime, but in shonen anime and even the entire industry. This popular fantasy action series hit the ground running as a heartfelt và well-animated adventure that had broad appeal among shonen fans và beyond.

Demon Slayer stars the sword-slinging protagonist Tanjiro Kamado, who must fight deadly supernatural demons và find a cure for his sister Nezuko, who recently became a demon herself. Anyone who loves fantasy action titles like InuYasha and Bleach is sure lớn enjoy Demon Slayer, too.

Sometimes, parody and satire anime become one of the best titles of their genre. That's the case for Konosuba, a popular fantasy isekai anime that pokes fun at isekai và fantasy tropes while being excellent entertainment in its own right.

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Konosuba has it all, from Truck-kun and a pleasant fantasy world to lớn magical girls, castles, colorful spells, và terrifying monsters such as the Dullahan & giant frogs. Konosuba also features one of the most dysfunctional but entertaining adventurer parties of all, from the "useless" goddess aqua lớn the explosion-obsessed Megumin.

Yona of the Dawn is a fairly popular shojo kích hoạt anime series and one of the vị trí cao nhất fantasy series overall. Fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender will also enjoy this series, since its heroine, Princess Yona, must unite an Asian-inspired world in peace where the major kingdoms represent the classic elements.

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Yona was once cozy as a princess, but when her father was betrayed và killed, Yona went on the run with only her bodyguard, Hak, to tư vấn her. Soon, Yona became stronger & wiser as a roaming princess who will avenge the king's betrayal & bring peace to the land with the aid of special elemental dragons by her side.