Valentine"s Day is a great moment for fans who want to watch some of their favorite anime characters utilize this holiday to express their feelings.

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Valentine"s Day may be filled with hearts, candy, and cupids, it is a day to celebrate love, & in anime, that"s no different! When Valentine"s Day rolls around it"s time to gift chocolate boxes. Sometimes, the chocolate comes with a confession, while for others it"s just another romantic gesture for the smitten couple.

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A typically sweet thắm thiết moment for fans who want to watch some of their favorite anime characters utilize this holiday to lớn express their feelings.


My Love Story follows Takeo Gōda as he falls for the adorable Rinko Yamoto after saving her. This anime is an adorable love story filled with sweet moments as these two continue khổng lồ fall deeper for one another throughout high school. The anime"s Valentine"s Day episode is no exception when it comes to being overwhelmingly cute.

Rinko is determined lớn make the best chocolate she can & Takeo is excited to lớn receive his first Valentine"s Day chocolate from the girl he loves. Just like the chocolate, this episode is just as sweet.

Misunderstood and a bit socially awkward, Sawako is trying her best to live her best high school life. So when she suddenly finds herself falling for the popular Kazehaya, who seems to lớn care for her as well, her typical high school life takes an interesting turn.

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This Valentine"s Day episode is filled with the typical shojo misunderstandings that fans love khổng lồ hate. Sawako, despite making chocolate for Kazehaya, is unable lớn give it to him, thus causing some misunderstandings between the two. Despite this episode not being sugary sweet, it does lead Sawako & Kazehaya on the path khổng lồ becoming much closer.

Every day seems to be a hectic one in the Sohma household, or at least in Shigure"s, and Valentine"s Day is no exception. With Kagura inviting Kyo out on a date & Yuki & Tohru getting mixed up in it as well, fans expect some sort of chaos to ensue.

Since Tohru is involved, of course, the famous Valentine"s Day chocolates make an appearance in this episode. Tohru even made chocolates for all the other zodiac members she"s met! A super sweet gesture for a super sweet episode, even if it"s not in the romantic sense.


Ichika Arima and Ryo Amakusa don"t have what fans would gọi a normal relationship. Ryo, the older brother of Ichika"s best friend, is head over heels for her after she saves him. While Ichika is instantly put off by his somewhat aggressive flirting.

However, as the two slowly get to lớn know one another, Ryo learns khổng lồ calm down a bit và Ichika is a bit less cautious. For Valentine"s Day, Ichika is even willing khổng lồ give Ryo a present. However, her gift isn"t the typical chocolate that Ryo was expecting, but rather a hug! A shockingly sweet surprise from the prickly Ichika.

When Erika gives some of her chocolate khổng lồ another boy, despite it being a friendly gesture, Kyoya gets super upset. Inevitably the disagreement ends up with the two breaking up from their nhái relationship. However, despite being apart, these two cannot seem lớn stand being apart.

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Thankfully, despite their Valentine"s Day going awry, it"s their chocolate-induced argument that gets the two back together on white Day no less. Not as giả boyfriend and girlfriend, but as a real couple.

With amateur sleuths Houtaro & Eru, it should be no surprise lớn fans that they have to lớn solve a case of missing Valentine"s Day chocolate. When their friend Mayaka"s chocolate goes missing, Eru immediately asks Houtaro to solve the case.

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Since the chocolate is the fruit of Mayaka"s hard work & earnest feelings for Satoshi, it"s no wonder that Eru wants to find her friend"s chocolate và return it to lớn the rightful recipient. Thankfully, the mystery behind the missing homemade chocolate case is solved.

The boys of Rainbow Days decide lớn turn tradition on its head và give chocolates to lớn the girls they admire on Valentine"s Day. With Natsuki wanting lớn receive chocolates from his crush Ana & Tsyuyoshi tasked with giving chocolates to lớn his girlfriend, the boys decide khổng lồ make reverse chocolates.

Despite their lack of experience, Tomoya is able lớn save the day & help his friends make the perfect or at least edible chocolate. Of course in true shojo fashion, antics ensue but the episode happily ends with Natsuki receiving the chocolates he dreamed of.

In Orange, Valentine"s Day holds immense significance, as it was a turning point in saving Kakeru. As Naho & her friends try to change the future under the guidance of letters from their future selves, Naho will vì chưng whatever it takes to save Kakeru. Despite Kakeru growing more distant after New Year"s, Naho still managed khổng lồ confess her feelings to lớn Kakeru & promised to make him happy.

Kakeru even asks for her chocolates, despite them being broken into pieces. Thankfully, this Valentine"s Day episode sets the course for a brand new future. One where Naho, Hiroto, Saku, Azusa, Takako, và Kakeru remain together.

On Valentine"s Day, Ichigo finds herself in a Valentine"s chocolate battle against Miya. The young heiress betting her superior quality chocolate against Ichigo"s discount chocolate. As the two present their chocolate at a Valentine"s Day ball, their battle concludes in a draw.

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Despite Miya"s luxurious flavored fondue, Ichigo"s heartfelt chocolate, made with her teammates in mind, did not go down without a fight. Even the prickly prince Kashino cast his vote for Ichigo"s sincere chocolate, a very sweet episode for an anime centered around Patisseries.

Just because Nishikata has dedicated himself to lớn getting back at Takagi for her relentless teasing, doesn"t mean he wouldn"t want khổng lồ receive some Valentine"s Day chocolate from her. However, despite his best efforts lớn hide his desire, Takagi sees right through him. And thus a new teasing game had begun.

However, despite playing innocent about Valentine"s Day & causing Nishikata khổng lồ overthink & panic about receiving her chocolates, Takagi in the over gifted him some chocolate. Granted she still didn"t turn down a chance khổng lồ tease him about it.

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