Attack On Titan: What Happened To Annie?

Annie Leonhart (Image via Wit Studio)

What happened khổng lồ Annie in Attack on Titan? Is she still alive và will she ever come back? Attack on Titan is a story that follows a world where Titans attack humanity, repeatedly causing them to lớn shrink back. Or so the fandom thought, until they found out the truth of the world eventually.

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The story follows some elite warriors in charge of fighting against the Titans. Until they find out much too soon that there might be someone in their ranks with the power nguồn of turning into a Titan. Now, Annie is a character who seems to have the same power. But what happened to lớn Annie on the show? Here is what the fandom has found out about it so far.

Who is Annie in "Attack on Titan"?


Annie is a girl from Marley who got sent khổng lồ Paradis island with Reiner, Bertoldt and Marcel to attack the people within the walls, while disguised as being one of them. They had four of the seven Titans that Marley possessed within them, with Annie being the only Female Titan. Although they lost Marcel khổng lồ Ymir before stepping inside the walls, they chose to lớn continue their mission khổng lồ save face.

Annie completed 104th Training Corps with outstanding skills, which she gained from years of training in Marley. After that, she became a thành viên of the Military Police until her identity was discovered by Eren and the rest of them.

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What happened to Annie?

After Eren và everyone else finds out her true identity, Eren in his Attack Titan khung fights Annie in her Female Titan form. The battle happened in the Stohess District, where Annie was posted as a member of the Military Police up until then.

After a long and gruesome battle, when both their Titan forms start to lớn evaporate, Eren tries to lớn dig Annie out from the Titans nape. However, knowing her fate once she is captured by the force, she chooses to lớn harden herself, which was her Titan"s power, in a comatose state for an indefinite period of time.

As the story progresses Eren chose lớn cooperate with Zeke in causing the Rumbling, that is, freeing all the Titans trapped inside the walls in a hardened state. In the later chapters of the manga, fans find out that using his Founding Titan powers, Eren seemed to miễn phí all the Titans trapped inside the walls. This caused Annie"s hardened shell lớn crumble off as well, which could mark her return khổng lồ the story.

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Now, what happens when she comes back in the story? Does she choose lớn fight humanity alongside Eren & Zeke? Or does she choose khổng lồ fight against them to protect humanity? Fans are eagerly waiting for these reveals with the final season of Attack on Titan airing on January 9th, 2022.