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Note:If you uncheck this option, then it is the"Current Version" license, which is only valid for theversion you"re buying & does not include major versionnâng cấp protection. In such case, you need to pay extrafee to lớn upgrade the current version lớn each newestversion.

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Safe partition tool khổng lồ manage your hard drive

As a Partition Magic alternative sầu, AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional brings you a wide varietyof tools on a user-friendly interface, simplifying your PC disk partition management and making itsafer than ever before. It allows you to create, reform size, move, merge, & split partitions withoutlosing data to maximize disk space use. AOMEI PA Pro has also released new features like diskconversion between MBR and GPT, OS migration, Windows 10/8 To Go, added Fill sectors with randomdata, DoD 5220.22-M, và Gutmann wiping methods, etc.

Top Benefits:Keep abreast of cutting-edge technologies lượt thích dynamic disk, GPT/UEFI, & SSD migration.Includes all functionality of the AOMEI PA Standard along with even more advanced functions.Supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Vista and XP. (32/64-bit).

Comprehensive Partition Manager

Are you looking for a stable and fully-featured disk manager for Windows 10/8/7 that can handle any andall hard disk partition operations? Are you solving disk space problems, system partition is out ofspace, improper partition sizes, partition creation, or partition resizing? Well, AOMEI PartitionAssistant Pro is your best choice.Upgraded AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro is packed with more usefulfeatures which have improved on all features & quality.

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Divide one large partition inlớn multiple smaller partitions to save sầu different kinds offiles.

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Formatting partition with Partition Assistant could help you change file system betweenNTFSandFAT 32/FAT easily, even it is larger than 32 GB.

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Delete a partition if we don" t need it anymore & an unallocated space will begenerated assoon as we delete it.

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Fast search helps you quickly recover deleted or lost partition.Full search will scan each sector of the selected disk for recovery.

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Make a Windows PE bootable CD/DVD or USB without installing Windows AIK.Troubleshoot computer problems và recover data when the native sầu system fails khổng lồ boot.

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Integrate AOMEI Partition Assistant or AOMEI Backupper inlớn Windows built-in recoveryenvironment.Extkết thúc system partition or restore system baông chồng without bootale truyền thông.

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Reset your SSD lớn its factory state for peak performance.Compatible with most modern SSDdrives, such as Samsung, Hãng Intel, Kingston, etc.

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