How to toggle armlet effectively? : r/learn dota 2 build guide dota 2: how to armlet toggle


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What is Armlet.
2.When và what is armlet toggling?
3.How lớn Armlet Toggle
4.The way to lớn counter Armlet Toggling

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Things to add

What is Armlet.

Armlet of Mordiggian is commonly referred khổng lồ Armlet.When Activated, Armlet of Mordiggian would give you the following bonusesUnholy StrengthGives +31 damage, +10 attack speed, và +25 strength while active, but drains 40 HP per second. You cannot die from the health loss when the bonus strength is gone, or the health drain per second.This basically means that when you activate it, you get (25*19) mainly because each strength point = 19 hp. Sooo you basically get around 475 health when you open it.

When và what is armlet toggling?

Armlet Toggling is normally used when you are low on hp and need lớn survive. By switching on the Armlet of Mordiggian, it gives you health lớn survive a few attacks before regaining some health back.For example, you are an Ursa with 2 hp. You switch on your Armlet of Mordiggian & have a booming 478 hp which allowed you to lớn take a

Powershot to lớn the face.When you should turn on your Armlet of Modiggian
1. When you need the extra damage and attack speed.2. When you are in need of some "temporary HP" to survive an autoattack from the tower or hero.3. Turn it on when you see a nuke coming your way.When you should not turn on/off your Armlet of Modiggian1. Bởi not turn off your Armlet of Mordiggian if you are being attacked by creeps & you have less than 400 hp.2. Vì chưng not turn it on if you vày not need the extra damage, attack speed or health at that point in time because the Armlet of Mordiggian would drain tons of hp from your pool.3. Vày not turn it off when you see a spell from a anh hùng heading towards you. This would kill you in a few seconds.

How khổng lồ Armlet Toggle

Basically, everyone can armlet toggle but it is the timing that would kill tons of people. Firstly, you need lớn turn it on as an auto attack animation or spell animation is reaching you. That way, you are able lớn tank the damage for that period of time. I would recommend turning it off và on so you get the 475 hp constantly however, be sure that you time it right when switching it off! You vì not want to take damage as your Armlet of Mordiggian is off!NOTE: vì not toggle the Armlet of Mordiggian too quickly as it has a 2 seconds cooldown. This may result in your downfall if you turn it off too quickly và you receive damage và die because of it.

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The way to counter Armlet Toggling

There are only a few ways that you will be countered when you are armlet toggling.1. Firstly, Doom. The ultimate of Doom Bringer would thrash you as it disables your use of items & you may not be able to lớn switch on your Armlet of Mordiggian2. Secondly, Heaven"s Halbert. Similar lớn Doom, it disables the use of your items.3. Thirdly, any form of nukes greater than 475. Some examples are

Thundergod"s Wrath,
Assassinate, Ursa"s
Overpower (due to the burst of it), > và even,
Coup de Grace due to lớn the high potential for
Phantom Assassin khổng lồ critical strike. Anyway, you get the idea. Any instance of atleast 476 damage would kill a very low health person who is armlet toggling.4. Lastly, Stuns. Herp Derp, of course. Once stunned, you have no way to armlet toggle sooo you are dead.

Things to add

Mainly videos and annotated diagrams. If you have any suggestions as to lớn how to change this guide then bình luận away!


Cheers to all who rated my guide! This is my first generic guide so I"m xuất hiện to feedback by anyone!