How to use assistivetouch on iphone and ipad


Assistive sầu touch is a primary root of iOS device that makes to access iPhone/ iPad so easy. In place of trang chủ button’s hard cliông chồng, we can use it as a home page button or other shortcuts on any screen. Here I discussed on how to change/ Customize shortcut button in Assistive touch. Enable or Disable it & How khổng lồ fix the problem on assistive sầu touch not working correctly. Especially for new users who want customize assistive touch on iPhone 7/ 7 Plus.

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Steps for Change or Customize assistive touch on iPhone 7/ 7 Plus/8/8 Plus/iPhone X


1: Go to lớn the Settings App on iPhone.

2: Next, Tap on General > Accessibility.

3: Then, Find AssistiveTouch under Interaction.

4: Tap on “Customize Top Level Menu” > See ibé layout.


Here we can add up lớn 8 icons inlớn a single layout or Replace inhỏ.

Add more Shortcuts icon: Tap on “+” inhỏ, Remove ibé Tap “-”. Default arrangement icons are 6 and will add up khổng lồ 8.

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To replace icon: Tap on the Specific inhỏ, that you what change. And select other shortcut options viewable on screen alternatively.


Remix Assistive sầu cảm ứng Layout/ icon

If you found the problem on Assistive touch not working then remix is essential khổng lồ short out your problem.

To rephối all ibé và layout Press Reset given below.

Turn on Assistive sầu touch using trang chủ button

Instantly Hide/ Show Assistive sầu touch button on the screen using trang chính button triple cliông chồng, Set Assistive cảm biến for home page button action.


Home button is not working

A trang chủ button is not working, then you can use virtual home page button available in Assistive sầu touch.

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Else if you experience assistive sầu touch freeze & not move sầu on the screen, Then press Sleep/ Wake button once for lock device, after unloông chồng screen try lớn use. Also, we can restart/ Force Restart iPhone 7/ 7 Plus.

We haven’t found any new updates from old iOS assistive sầu touch settings, so you can try above sầu tips on there also. Share more knowledge khổng lồ Customize assistive touch on iPhone 7/ 7 Plus, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus, iPhone X, any newfound?

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