Asus Rog Strix Radeon Rx 470 4Gb Oc Edition Amd Radeon Rx 470 4Gb Review


Solid GPU for the price I paid for it. It can run most of the recent games at sometimes even high quality graphics settings. Nothing special, but defenitely not bad, too.

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Bought used from ebay and it was used for some mining but i have had it for a couple months & it has worked rather well.

This thẻ worked well. I sold this card on Ebay during the crypto-craze. Was able khổng lồ sell the card và fund the purchase of a GTX 1070.


Screw you, miners. I got this baby at MSRPhường và it"s worth it & more. Amazing performance for the ORIGINAL price.


Decent enough thẻ. Sort of struggles at times with GTA V, and I"ve sầu had a few issues with driver crashes, hence only 4 stars instead of 5.

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Definitely not the best 470, but for the price on sale its hard to lớn beat the out of the box performance. This one wont be overclocked và had no real issues so far.

I love sầu it when it works. A lot of Polaris users have sầu reported that the monitor disconnects randomly, và AMD still hasn"t fixed this drivers issue. I"ve sầu had this for a week and my monitor has lost the signal multiple times, even during light gaming. Just letting you guys know the risks before buying. I"m surprised no one has said anything here yet. That aside, I vì love it, I just hope that AMD fixes this issue since it"s already been a year since release.

Anyway, with this particular thẻ, the cooling is great and silent. It"s essentially the perfect card, if you ignore overclocking. I was able to lớn push 1370/1800, but it gets hotter & the performance is not significant. Don"t expect too much from the RGB, but it is nice và bright. The lighting controls don"t always start up with my pc or resume from sleep, but it"s not a big khuyến mãi to manually start it.

Again, great card for 1080p at high settings, if you want to ignore the occasional, completely random monitor disconnects.

This had a $30 mail in rebate, so we could not pass it up at the price. We really like that it has a built in bạn header so you can control a case bạn based on the temp of the graphics card.

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Best bang for buchồng thẻ ever. I can max out almost any games in 1080p 60fps. I wish more people would talk about this. Only complaint is that it didn"t overcloông chồng well.