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Hãng Asus revamped their entire lines of Zenbook (all-round thin-and-lights), Zenbook S (ultraportables) and Zenbook Flip (convertibles) laptops for the second part of 2018 and first half of 2019, and these are not just some minor updates.

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The updated models are thinner, lighter and more compact than before, with tiny bezels around the display and especially tiny chins, as well as screen-to-body ratios over 90%.

They’re motorized by the updated Intel Whiskey Lake hardware, paired with various variants of dedicated graphics chips, and aý muốn their prime features Hãng Asus mentions updated keyboards, optional IR HD webcams và a backlit number-pad integrated within the glass clickpads, a simplified variant of the Screenpad implemented on the Zenbook Pro UX580. Oh, & there’s also a 14-inch variant of the Zenbook Pro available, the UX480, with Whiskey Lake U hardware, Pantone validated screen and GTX 1050 Max-Q graphics, if you’re looking for a capable all-rounder in a compact shell.

We’ll get our hands on all these models in the weeks to lớn come, so stay tuned for our detailed Review. In the meantime, here’s what you should expect from these new 2018 Zenbook lines, what’s intriguing about them, where they still might fall short & how they compare lớn the competition.

Update: I’ll liên kết khổng lồ our detailed Đánh Giá below, as we publish them:

2018 Hãng Asus ZenBook 13, 14 and 15

Hãng Asus prepared a complete update of the entire line of Zenbook ultraportables, with new 13-inch (UX333 series, replaces UX330), 14-inch (UX433, replaces UX430) và 15-inch variants (UX553, replaces UX530).

Update: Our full reviews of the ZenBook UX433 series is available over here, our full review of the ZenBook UX333 series over here, we’re also working on the other review and will update when they’re published.

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The major update is the total rekiến thiết of the outer-shell, with a much smaller footprint and slim nanoEdge bezels around the screen. It comes to lớn no surprise Asus followed this trover, but unlượt thích many other laptops on the market, these Zenbooks not only get tiny 2.3 milimet lateral bezels, but also a small forhead (5.9) & chin (3.3 mm), for a screen-to-body toàn thân ratio of around 95% (on the 13-inch variant, there are slightly bigger bezels on the other two). The camera is still placed on top of the screen where it belongs, and it’s an IR HD module compatible with Windows Hello. It’s about time we see some decent cameras on Zenbooks and it should be a welcomed update over the crappy cameras on the current generations.

The new design also uses the ergo-lift hinge we’ve previously seen implemented on the Zenbook S UX391 series, which lifts the main-toàn thân in order lớn create an ergonomic and slightly downwards inclined typing position, as well as allow for better air circulation underneath the máy vi tính. This approach works on the Zenbook S, but we’ll have sầu khổng lồ see how well it can cope with the dedicated graphics inside these Zenbooks.

Everything else looks lượt thích very familiar Zenbook kiến thiết, with an all-metal build, Blue và Gold themes, the pattern of concentric circles for the lid-covers & the IO lined on the sides.

The keyboard seems much lượt thích what Hãng Asus used on the previous generation as well, but early reviewers mention it feels more metallic, so I’d reckon Hãng Asus might have changed the materials used for the key caps. As a novelty, the 13 and 14 inch models can get an optional backlit numeric pad integrated withing the glass clickpad. It’s probably not going to lớn be very useful for most people, but it might be for some.


That’s about it for now, these are the important Asus Zenbook updates for the second part of 2018 và first part of 2019. Chechồng out our detailed review and other articles on the site for more details.

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