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Why Attaông xã On Titung Season 4 (Probably) Won't Be The Last Attack on Titung season 4 is currently on hiatus, but remains touted as the popular anime"s final chapter. Recent developments suggest otherwise.

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Eren Yaeger in Attack on Titan
Attachồng on Titan"s kết thúc may not be as close as everyone assumed. Attaông chồng on Titan season 4 premiered in December 20đôi mươi, confirmed in advance as the show"s last st&. Given how much manga material remained, wrapping up Eren Yaeger"s story inside a single season always felt ambitious và, sure enough, the anime ended some way from the final chapter, with Marley launching a full-scale assault on Paradis Island, airships and all. Fortunately, Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 was announced for 2022, & will wrap up the remainder of Hajime Isayama"s popular anime franchise - for real, this time.

Except, maybe not. The final issue of the Attachồng on Titan manga was released in April 2021 to a highly divisive sầu tín đồ reaction. While some fans enjoyed the ambiguous flavor, others were disappointed by the laông chồng of clarity và how certain character arcs played out. Without divulging major spoilers, the Attaông chồng on Titan"s finale is a conclusive sầu one. Every major storyline is resolved, and the fates of the main (surviving) characters all explained. The ambiguous notes of the final chapter, mostly regarding Eren Yaeger, feel thematic in nature, và clearly aren"t intended as any kind of sequel thiết đặt.

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Eren Yaeger in Attachồng on Titan
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However, those closing moments will be altered thanks lớn the confirmed release of unseen additional pages. As explained by Isayama himself, Attaông xã on Titan"s final chapter was curtailed by 8-10 pages due khổng lồ printing restrictions. This extra material will be released via the official final volume in early June, tacked directly onto the kết thúc of the original chapter. According lớn early reports coming out of Japan and on social media, the previously-unreleased panels add new character pairings, reveal a darker fate for the future, và introduce the descendant of a main character. Most significantly, however, the revised chapter explicitly sets up a continuation lớn the Attaông chồng on Titan story, heavily suggesting that either season 5, or a sequel anime, is in the works.

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Eren Jaeger in Attaông chồng on Titan
Once again avoiding major spoilers for anime-only viewers, Attack on Titan season 4, part 2 will explore the full backstory of Ymir Fritz, the Founder, revealing how this enslaved young girl became humanity"s very first Titan. In essence, Attaông chồng on Titan"s new final scene reportedly recreates the moment Ymir Fritz receives the Founding Tichảy, but in the current timeline with the aforementioned main character descendant. The message in Isayama"s new ending is clear - the Attaông xã on Titan curse is going khổng lồ begin all over again with a brand new generation.

Attaông xã on Titan has been an incredibly successful property for Kodansha, và it would"ve been surprising were the franchise not maintained in some size. Although the initial chapter release gave sầu no hint as to lớn how that might happen, the rumored new scenes lay a clear path toward future projects that follow broadly the same premise. This could come in the form of Attachồng on Titan season 5, phối after a significant time skip và introducing a completely fresh crop of tragic heroes. While Attachồng on Titan season 5 would make sense from a kinh doanh perspective, more likely is a sequel series in the mold of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, where old và new casts combine, và themes carry over from one chapter to the next, but the property itself is rebranded with new artists & a more modern aesthetic.

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Given how fans have reacted to Attachồng on Titan"s manga ending, a continuation could be viewed as a second chance khổng lồ pitch the finale a little better và leave fans satisfied. On the other h&, perpetuating the ongoing Tirã war might be seen as discrediting the efforts of Eren, Mikasa, Armin, & the rest in the main Attaông xã on Titan timeline. What was the point in it all if history is destined to repeat itself anyway? Any anime sequel announcement will most likely be made in the aftermath of Attaông xã on Titan season 4"s 2022 finale.

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