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Getting ready lớn celebrate! Our Summer Events are just beginning, và on this special week you"ll have sầu everything you need khổng lồ catch up just at the reach of your hvà. With a special double experience week and discounted consumables, its a perfect time to work on your màn chơi and on your gear!

A new month arrives lớn Azuria with new challenges! On this month"s Monster Hunt, you"ll transsize inlớn a true Treasure Hunter. As reward, you"ll get special Treasure Charms khổng lồ improve your farming! A new month also means a new eidolon: Don"t miss Siren release this week on our Bonus Store. Plus: Percival Costume, Red Riding Hood Costume & more!

Percival Costume Set

On our last Maintenance of the month, we have sầu prepared a special collection of items for you to lớn grab in our AP.., LP Stores & Paragon Table! If you are still catching up with your Eidolons, we"ll see a special gathering: from New Year Elizabeth and Succubus in our APhường Store, to Hestia, Nekomata & more in LP Store. Let"s also officially start the summer with a special Navy Paragon Table, including costumes và key fragments!

Summer vibes are hitting our APhường. Store this week with the release of three new models of vintage scooter mounts. With casual fashion included, the perfect outfit lớn hit the beach is just waiting for you! Our LP Store will see the release of the Queen of Hearts full mix with a Wonderlvà inspired edition. And in our Paragon Table, you"ll get your chance to grab Little Red Riding Hood!

During this week"s maintenance new Demon King Fantasies will arrive lớn the game. Ready to challenge as some of the most powerful Azurian Monsters and collect their mounts as reward? Plus, Eidolon Skills Upgrade will also get an ultimate upgrade, with many eidolons added to the danh mục. To celebrate this, we will also have sầu an Eidolon Special Promo in both stores.

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Koimanu is coming to lớn the APhường Store!

Rumor has it! On this week"s maintenance, we update to the latest 3 eidolons Rumors. Complete the challenge khổng lồ win exclusive eidolons forms, pets, và more! Our AP.. Store Limited Promotions will have a happy ending. With the introduction of Red Riding Hood Costume Set for Loli, related eidolons, fashion and more! In the LPhường Store, we say farewell to lớn Spring with a blossoming promo: New Costume Sets & lovely eidolons keys to lớn complete your collection. Choose your new companions wisely!

New Little Red Riding Hood Costume Set for Loli

Meet the lakiểm tra addition to our companions list: Percival the Knight will be revealed on June"s Bonus Mall! The new Eidolon can"t be compared in both style & power. But if you prefer other type of content, we bring you also a new challenge: Grasslands Sanctuary Release, the lathử nghiệm 2-characters awakening dungeon! With also the release of a new pair of golden trophies with an amazing bonus mix.


A true nightmare is about to lớn begin! you"ll have to lớn dive sầu inkhổng lồ the depths of Revelations Dungeons khổng lồ unloông xã June"s Monster Hunt goals and prizes. As retribution, the server, your guild & yourself might benefit greatly! From Server-sided one week buffs to lớn apply lớn our whole player base, to lớn Godly recast Stones to work on your ultimate gears.

If you have been waiting for exciting content, this week"s Holy Chest Update might be something to lớn ease your appetite. The new awakening feature will unloông chồng a new world of bonuses for your awakened character. And Holy Chests will now be tài khoản shared! But its not everything about game content: we also brought wonderful promotions for you. In need of updating your eibởi collection? New Year Elizabeth will make her Loyalty debut, & Summer Eidolons will fill the pages of our AP Store.

New Navy Diva Costume Set

After today"s weekly maintenance, Azurians will be able to lớn enjoy a special double experience và weapon specialization experience sự kiện for the following 7 days. If you have sầu been trying to lớn catch up khổng lồ the 125 Level Cap, this might be your opportunity! Plus: Charming & Experience special promotion in both stores. There"s no excuse!

New Romantic Spring Costume Set

Time to clean house on this week"s maintenance! We will start with your tooltip: is much easier to lớn keep your buffs organized with the new buff bar divisions. Our APhường Limited Promotion will be a good opportunity khổng lồ put it to lớn chạy thử, since we will fill it with food items! Plus, the release of the Classical Maid Costume Set for Females so you can look the part.

Are you ready khổng lồ meet the lakiểm tra addition khổng lồ our shota eidolons? Koimanu will protect you from any harm! The xinh tươi oriental styled eidolon will see its debut on May"s Bonus Mall. Plus? Red Riding Hood in our APhường. Hot Items, Hestia in the LP.. Store & New Year Elizabeth in our Paragon for an Eidolon packed week! Our farming locations also expand with this week"s addition of two new modes: Nightmare Frontier & Ancient Mountain Temple Revelations Party Modes.

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The challenge for this new month will make our Envoys khổng lồ face directly a new dimension: Hunt Otherworlds to lớn win amazing prizes! With the inclusion of the latests SLV15 Otherworlds, you"ll meet new & old enemies along the way to unloông xã our Server Buffs, but you"ll also get an opportunity khổng lồ win up khổng lồ 5-star equipment fusion stones.

Our weekly maintenance will bring a new challenge khổng lồ the game: with the lademo kết thúc game Otherworld Dungeons, we will also add to lớn the game the drop of the new SLV25 golden trophies. Plus, a very special tăng cấp promo in both stores for you khổng lồ work on your characters, and a magical Paragon lớn catch up with your Eidolons và Collection. Let the farm begin!

Awaited changes khổng lồ both Crusader & Performer Classes are finally arriving to lớn our game. Have sầu you demo these classes yourself? In case you haven"t, this will be a good opportunity khổng lồ check their newfound power. Our shops are dressing up lượt thích our favorite companions! With an Eidolon Special Promotion in both stores, you"ll be able to get Eidolon Keys, Items và Costume for a limited time.

New Queen of Hearts Costume Set

Love sầu is certainly in the Air! We will celebrate the Spring with an angelic inspired promotion in our APhường Hot Items for this week. Including Eidolons such as Raziel, Raphael và Michael, so it"s time lớn catch up! The LPhường. Store will get an adorable revamp with this week"s promotions too: including the Eidolon Nekomata, Corgi mounts and more.

New Morning Light Costume Set for Female Characters

One of the most exciting times of the year is finally here! The release of our Patreon Packs for 2021, with exclusive sầu pets, mounts, panels & a full mix of goodies khổng lồ make your gaming experience more entertaining. Available from April 2nd, you"ll be able to lớn claim them from our trang web like always.

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It"s time for a new fairytale! April"s Bonus Mall will meet a new little protagonist: the curious Red Riding Hood và her stuffed wolf will arrive lớn our shop in our usual pre-release to lớn our supporters. She will be available from this Friday, April 2nd. Don"t miss her arrival!

A new month brings a new challenge khổng lồ Azuria. Like every month, we will provide a danh mục of monsters for Envoys to lớn hunt. And in return we will have great individual, guild và VPS prizes. Have you meet the new Keres? Our favorite loli has been through quite the journey. She is the inspiration for this April"s Monster Hunt, as we take you to lớn discover our new maps & dungeons!

It"s a new season và you can already feel it in the air! This week"s maintenance will find us covered with flowers with the release of two new costume sets, new costume weapons and wings. A perfect opportunity khổng lồ catch on your spring inspired eidolons aswell!

New Flower Scales Wings và Roses of Spring Costume Set

It"s time to lớn learn a new chapter of your story in Azuria. With the release of two new maps you"ll discover a new storyline, new characters and enemies, more dungeons, và of course a new cấp độ cap! Reach 125 lớn show everyone what you"re made off.

Have you tested your strength against other Envoys yet? Our custom version of Frozen Ruins of Zahr-Kazaal is a timed dungeon in which you compete lớn other parties lớn make the best run possible. Challenge the Ice Dragon & win the fame of our Daily Ranking!

The challenge keeps growing! While you discover new và upper floors of the Sky Tower, the enemies keeps getting stronger và more dangerous. Fight them every weekover & rush to the floor 60th! But if you are a true Envoy of Gaia, enter our custom Sky Tower Nightmare instead?