Auto chess apk for android download


For those who’re looking for an online casual game with in-depth mechanics và meta so that they can enjoy over và over again, tự động hóa Chess di động is definitely a great choice. Choose from a set of animated units và join your opponents in a battle on your chess table. Make uses of the tactics & compositions to outwits your enemies. Find out more about this amazing chess game with our reviews.

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Auto Chess smartphone was inspired by the PC version, which was originally an arcade hack for the famous online MOBA game, Dota 2. Featuring all the heroes and units from the main game, tự động Chess allows players khổng lồ apply different tactics and team compositions, fight the enemies on the puzzled chess table.

Being the official version of auto Chess on the mobile platforms, tự động Chess sản phẩm điện thoại will introduce gamers to lớn a whole new chess experience, in which you can control your new sets of characters and units fighting against your opponents in a completely renewed gameplay.

Here you’ll find things you won’t even see on the PC mod. So be prepared to lớn be amazed.



Take a look at all the exciting features that the game has lớn offer:

Easy lớn play but take times to lớn master

At first, you’ll find the game extremely easy to get familiar with. You’ll be starting with some of the heroes & a little gold so that you can start recruiting your units. Depending on the enemies, you can choose certain formations và composition to start with. Just select the right units & drop them on the chess table. Then let them attack the enemies as the chess table will play itself. However, as you progress further, the trò chơi also gets more difficult. So prepare khổng lồ learn a lot of new things.


Different unit races và classes

The game introduces different units which fall into certain races and classes. Depending on their races & classes, each unit will have its own powers and abilities. In additions, there are also special abilities that are available for certain units as you progress further. Still, you need to cấp độ your units as well as keeping their mana high lớn be able khổng lồ activate their quality abilities.

Select suitable team compositions to outwits the enemies

With completely different units in the field, gamers will find themselves having a lot of different tactics & approaches when it comes lớn battles. For most of the time, you’ll have khổng lồ pay attention to lớn the enemies’ compositions as well as their units khổng lồ make your decisions. Or if you’re confident about your team, you can choose your own play và force the enemies lớn follow it. Besides, the formations are also important as it affects the way your units move and attack. Make sure they’re positioned intelligently.

Another thing, you can also match the classes & races of the units on the field lớn trigger many bonuses to your team. This is called synergies, and each synergy will provide your team with a huge advantage over your enemies. Synergies are displayed directly on đứng top of the screen while you’re on the field so you can see exactly what bonuses you’re having.

We recommend you read more about this since it will be extremely useful when you get khổng lồ the higher levels.


Equip useful items khổng lồ boost your chess pieces

To nguồn up a single unit on the field, you can have it leveled up and gain upgraded stats. Or you can also equip new items on them, making your units extra capable. This proves khổng lồ be extremely important, especially when both you and your enemies have almost run out of cards.

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Also, items can be combined with each other khổng lồ create even more powerful ones. So while you’re still on the field, make sure you collect the right items so that they can be combined into more powerful pieces.

Fuse your units into more powerful ones

And not just the items, you can also field the chess table with certain units that can combine with each other. Make good uses of these abilities & you can unlock powerful units that will strike down all the enemies stand on its way.


Enjoy the game with online players from all over the world

We all that gaming tends to lớn be a little lonely when we’re playing alone. Which is why you’ll find tự động hóa Chess di động extremely fun và entertaining. Here you can play against online gamers from all over the world in a single global server. Meet & become friends with some of the coolest game android gamers while spending your time exploring the deep and interesting chơi game of tự động hóa Chess Mobile.

Fair và exciting gameplay

The thing with online games is that they can easily be hacked, which significantly devalue our good experiences. With tự động Chess Mobile, you will never have lớn worry about such a thing since every game is completely fair and square.

In addition, tự động Chess mobile doesn’t have any in-app purchases that can give players advantages over the other. This allows for a completely enjoyable matchup.


Free lớn play

This amazing online trò chơi from Drodo will be available for gamers from all different countries khổng lồ join in without having lớn pay any money. Hence, you can download and install this trò chơi on your devices right now khổng lồ start playing.

Visual và sound quality


Featuring beautiful 3d graphics, for the first time, gamers can experience a unique chess trò chơi with realistic characters. The accurate & satisfying visual effects will keep you hooked lớn the trò chơi for a very long time.

In addition, smooth and continuous game play will ensure great experiences for gamers. You’ll find your trò chơi completely không tính tiền of lags, stutters, or disconnections. Be prepared lớn enjoy the best graphical mobile chess trò chơi with tự động hóa Chess Mobile.


With epic music and on-theme audio effects, players in tự động Chess mobile will find themselves completely blown away by the immersive chơi game that it offers. In addition, the voiced characters also địa chỉ cửa hàng up to your satisfaction as they fight và speak lượt thích humans in battles.

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Download tự động hóa Chess latest 2.12.3 apk APK

If you’re fans of the tactical games and are looking for a good online game to demo your skills, auto Chess Online is definitely a title that you can’t overlook. On vị trí cao nhất of that, thanks to lớn the fair và secured gameplay, gamers will never experience any technical difficulties or unbalance elements while enjoying their chess game.