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The only problem with avatar musik is that it"s way overpriced! (Why can"t we keep the clothes forever? Or more than just 1 week.) The trò chơi itself is pretty fun. There"s a lot of people around the world playing the game. There"s different events and get different rewards for simply just playing. I love the dancing, dating, và houses & farms. I love the graphics as well. Great trò chơi teamobi!

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You should fix the game. I used khổng lồ play it a couple years ago và I wanted lớn get back into it. Now, I can"t even get past the main screen. It tells me that my connection isn"t stable. Ive checked over my connection và even tried disconnecting the wifi & using data. It tells me the same thing. My connection is fine, because it worked the same when i played it a couple years ago with the SAME wifi và data. Fix it, & I"ll reconsider my rating.

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AVATAR MUSIK is the perfect social game for meeting, dancing and having fun with friends, & best of all, you can tải về for FREE!AVATAR MUSIK is more than just dance:FREE DAILY FASHION GIFTS to build up your style.FREE DAILY MISSION REWARDS earn không tính tiền gifts in animal vet, farmer, police, music and hero challenges.PARTY ROOMS Dance, chat & chill with up lớn 12 friends.GROUP CHAT link with up to lớn 100 friends.HOT MUSIC including K POP, V POP, disco, hip-hop, pop and buổi tiệc nhỏ rock songs.CRAZY trang điểm show your fashion style & have fun.PARTY EVENTS launched monthly lớn celebrate holidays with friends around the world, like Halloween, Valentines, New Year, Moon Festival and more.DANCE OFF CHALLENGES show your fam clan is the best in the world!WORLD OF FUN each zone has new adventures and unique games lớn discover, including Downtown, Park, Wedding, Beach, Private Yacht và more.NOTEThe first tải về from GooglePlay is big, so please use a strong and stable WIFI connection. The trò chơi reloads very fast after that.FOR HELP and UPDATES:ENGLISH : facebook.com/TeaMobiWorld/ VIETNAMESE : facebook.com/am.teamobi/SPANISH : facebook.com/teamobiworldespanol/PORTUGUESE : facebook.com/teamobiworldportuguese/KHMER: facebook.com/teamobiworldcambodia/INDONESIAN : facebook.com/am.indonaga/