Awm vs m82b (red custom room) best clash squad battle

The best không tính tiền Fire AWM gun skins increase the range, accuracy, và power of the AWM. They also địa chỉ cửa hàng a certain amount of elegance to the gun. Check out the best gun skins here!


The AWM is one of the most powerful guns in không lấy phí Fire.There are several great skins that you can showroom to the gun to increase its stats.Check out the best free Fire AWM gun skins right here!
Garena không tính tiền Fire features a total of nine different sets of guns. Whether these are Assault Rifles, SMGs or xạ thủ Rifles, players can choose guns according to their preferred playing styles. When it comes to Sniper Rifles, there are three of them in the game. These are the AWM, M82B, & the Kar98k. However, the most powerful of these is the AWM. Moreover, if you apply skins on the gun, not only will you be able khổng lồ personalise the looks of the gun, but you’ll also have a marked increase in the gun’s statistics. In this article, we’re going to check out the best Free Fire AWM gun skins!

Let’s jump right into the list!

Booyah AWM

This AWM gun skin was available through the Booyah top-up event in Free Fire, all the way back in 2020. Even now, it’s one of the best AWM gun skins in Free Fire. Not only does it look menacing, but it also provides a marked improvement in a few essential weapon stats. For example, it increases the gun’s damage và accuracy quite a bit. However, you’ll have khổng lồ compromise with the gun’s range.

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Valentine’s AWM

The Valentine’s AWM gun skin is one of the most famous AWM skins in the entire game. There’s a good reason for it too. The AWM’s firing rate is exceptionally slow, at 27. With the Valentine’s AWM gun skin, you get lớn increase the firing rate by an exceptional amount. While the magazine power reduces quite a bit, the gun’s firing rate and reload speed show a marked increase, making the gun much deadlier in specific contexts. You can get this skin through the game’s armour siêu thị or through several in-game events!

Playboy AWM

One of the best-looking Free Fire AWM gun skins is the Playboy AWM. The white, orange & yellow gradients ensure that your gun skin stands out from the crowd. In terms of stat boosts, the gun skin increases the firing rate of the AWM. However, you’ll have to khuyến mãi with less magazine power.

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AWM Duke Swallow Tail

In case you were wondering which AWM gun skin will significantly increase your firing rate, the answer is the AWM Duke Swallow Tail. Even the Valentine’s AWM can’t compare to lớn it when it comes to the increase in firing rate. Additionally, this skin also increases both the magazine kích cỡ and the power. You will have to compensate for the slower reloading times, though. Nonetheless, it’s still an excellent AWM gun skin, and the red/maroon gradient really gives the gun skin an elegant look.

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Justice Fighter AWM

This skin was available through the Free Fire Jai’s farewell party on July 19, 2021. The Jai character, Gloowall, & certain skins were provided with this event. The Justice Fighter AWM skin is still one of the best Free Fire AWM gun skins you can use today. Not only does it increase the gun’s firing rate, but it also adds more power nguồn for armour penetration. The firing range takes a hit, however. Nonetheless, no matter the level of protection the enemy has, this gun skin will cause serious problems for them!

Tagger’s Revolt AWM

Tagger’s Revolt AWM gun skin features some of the most incredible graffiti art on the gun’s body toàn thân and stock. Although the skin reduces the gun’s accuracy, the reloading speed và magazine kích thước show a notable increase. This helps if you’re someone who loves quick-scoping your enemies và want to lớn master the art of sniping in Free Fire. If nothing else, get this gun skin for its looks. With this skin, your AWM will surely be one of the best-looking guns in the game!

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Metal Wings AWM

Without a doubt, the Metal Wings AWM gun skin is one of Free Fire‘s most chất lượng gun skins. This gun skin was birthed through Assassin’s Creed Royale, which was Free Fire‘s short-lived partnership with Assassin’s Creed. Using this skin completely changes the look of the AWM. Instead of the gun’s usual look with the stock, body, and scope, this gun skin lends the AWM a metal & medieval-inspired look. Moreover, the gun skin adds some severe damage và armour penetration lớn the AWM. The only aspect you’ll have to lớn worry about is the lack of movement speed.

Summing up

So, these were our picks of the best Free Fire AWM gun skins. Hopefully, you’ll now have a better idea of which gun skin khổng lồ use based on your requirements. If we haven’t listed any of your favourite gun skins here, let us know in the bình luận section. We’ll try out the gun skin ourselves and provide our verdict as soon as possible!

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