Will Badman Ever Stop Gaining Mmr (Until Spectre Nerf), General Discussion


The new jungle creeps và the nguồn they get from stacking slowed down many flash-farming heroes. It was an intended consequence và the net result is, in our opinion, positive, with games becoming quicker and less farm-oriented. However there are several heroes who are now economically better off, both relatively and in absolute terms. Today we would lượt thích to discuss these outliers và how their unexpected power fits into the meta.

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Once again we are looking at how our favorite game was shaped by some of the best players in the world. Today, we are going to lớn discuss the Carry: the role that broadened the least, yet refined the most over the last seventeen years.


Huskar is one of those heroes, who can be hard lớn balance well: they are always on the knife’s edge between being unusable & overpowered. Right now it looks lượt thích Huskar is heavily leaning towards the latter & it merits a discussion: why does the hero work better, how to play him properly & what can you vì against him?




The Dota professional scene is filled with exceptional players and, sometimes, the most talented và the most dedicated players just have to ruin their signature heroes for everyone else. They alone had the knowledge và the ability khổng lồ get 100% out of a character, forcing them khổng lồ get nerfed, while everyone else had khổng lồ catch up or give up. Today, we are going khổng lồ look at some of the most notorious examples of when a player's prowess resulted in a nhân vật getting significantly weaker.

Every patch comes with nerfs và buffs, but without detailed stats it can sometimes be heard lớn figure out which heroes are underperforming. Today we would lượt thích to have a look at such heroes và discuss why they might not be the best fit for the current meta.

Today, we’re happy khổng lồ discuss our latest 6struyenky.vn app patch. This update addresses a few often-requested items as well as some tweaks to improve performance.

Patch 7.31 is called the “Primal Beast” update. The related blog post has the Primal Beast at the very vị trí cao nhất of the page, complete with animations, ability descriptions & bits of lore. It makes quite a bit of sense from a “hype” perspective, but when it comes khổng lồ the actual meta & game impact, we feel lượt thích the new items are a much bigger deal: after all they are a potential option in every game. With that in mind, today we would lượt thích to discuss the new items và figure out how much of an impact they have on the game and why.

It’s been several days since the patch release và the first solid trends are starting to lớn form. Today we are going to discuss what works in the new patch & will try lớn figure out why & what we can bởi vì to counter it.

Many are discouraged by the new patch and feel like after waiting for so long, the changes should have been more drastic. After all, we have been on a single major patch for roughly half a year and this time around we didn’t get a new toy in Aghanim’s Shard, or new mechanic in Neutral Items. What we got was more reminiscent of the pre-7.00 era: a slew of balance changes, some new ways lớn play the game, a couple of new items & a new hero. From my experience of more than fifteen years in Dota, that is a lot more than meets the eye.

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Overstaying its welcome và being a bad patch are two completely different things và we feel like very few people would gọi 7.30 a bad patch. It had a fair tóm tắt of interesting new strategies, memorable power spikes và created some of the coolest Dota moments in the professional scene. So today, a week before it retires, we would lượt thích to revisit old memories of 7.30 glory.

The first round of regional finals is over, và we have to say: they were considerably more entertaining and surprising than we originally assumed. We also feel like the next round with EEU, NA, and CN could be even more interesting, as these regions are known for being considerably more volatile in their performance.

We’ve recently talked about how the main protagonist of the anime is actually one of the best beginner heroes as well. While it is not clear whether it is intentional, the familiarity alone would gently push new players towards DK & we feel like a discussion và a guide on the anh hùng are in order.

Regional finals are in no way a substitute for a full LAN Major, but unfortunate things vị happen and hard decisions sometimes have khổng lồ be made. With this temporary replacement system, well-performing teams will at least get a chance khổng lồ prove themselves regionally và get some valuable DPC points. This week we are going khổng lồ watch SA, SEA & WEU Regional Finals, so it’s a good time lớn discuss the participating teams và maybe speculate on their power nguồn levels.

As the Dota world hurtles towards the Regional Finals and the patch immediately following them (finally!), we’ve been busy here at 6struyenky.vn expanding our newest feature: hero Mastery!

With the new patch slowly approaching, it is perhaps the time lớn have a discussion on what changes we would like to see. While the nhân vật changes are always a breath of fresh air, changes to the items usually have a much bigger impact on the overall meta, as they are options available throughout the whole match & not something you sometimes blindly commit lớn during the draft stage. With that in mind, here are some of the cửa nhà changes we would lượt thích to see.

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