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"PUBG di động 5.1" slapped the entirety of Telsa"s Gigafactory in its new map update, which is now available for Android & iOS.

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(Phokhổng lồ : by DIPTENDU DUTTA/AFP. via Getty Images)In this tệp tin photo illustration taken on September 2, 20trăng tròn, a girl holds her smart phone as she updates the "PUBG Mobile" game, owned by Chinese mạng internet giant Tencent, in Siliguri. - PUBG, or PlayerUnknown"s Battlegrounds, is a military-style war game where teams battle online, & whose sản phẩm điện thoại phầm mềm has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times around the world.

The Tesla building on the Erangel map update is only one of the numerous new additions that graced the 5.1 patch of the battle royale game for di động.

The electric oto giant is part of the new futuristic tech location in the playing grounds, wherein players try to survive & win.

According toAndroid Police, fans of the game patiently waited khổng lồ get the newest update for two months.The new patch introduced changes for vehicles, weapons, modes, và more, as per the game"sfull patch notesthat wasreleased on July 8.

Additionally, the update for Android users will be smaller than for iOS gamers. For the iPhone, the game needs at least 1.64 GB of storage, whereas only 686MB is required for the former.

Recently, on June 16, Krafton, the game developer of "PUBG," aimed to raise a total of$5 billion in its South Korean IPO.

"PUBG Mobile" 5.1: Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla và "PUBG Mobile"s" collaboration birthed the existence of the Gigafactory in the Erangel map option. To be precise, the oto factory will be seen in the Mission Ignition mode of the game.

Players will also stumble upon the Tesla Model Y while strolling around the Gigafactory. It is also interesting to lớn note that the autopilot of the said electric vehicle was also brought to life in the game.

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That said, gamers could focus on their enemies as the car drives by itself along the highways. They will only have lớn enable the pre-phối markers lớn do so.

Not to lớn mention that the bản đồ also included the random appearance of Tesla Semi trucks, adding lớn the electric sedan. The truck is something that players shall look forward khổng lồ as firing their weapon onto lớn it will drop the Supply Crate, packed with tons of additional loot.

XDA-Developersnoted the Tesla Semày truck is similar to the armored loot trucks that players see on another map option, Sanhok, which carries an Asian geography theme.

"PUBG Mobile" 5.1: New Weapons

The new update further introduced tons of upgrades for the firearms & an additional weapon too.

The lathử nghiệm firearm is the MG3, a light machine gun that uses 7.62 bullets. Plus, its fire rate could range from 660 khổng lồ 990 rounds per minute.

Meanwhile, the M249 will be replaced by the MG3 inside the airdrops. As such, the former will now freely be looted elsewhere in the maps.

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"PUBG Mobile" 5.1: New Modes

As mentioned, the Tesla Gigafactory will be seen at the new Mission Ignition mode, which will go live from July 9 khổng lồ September 6. The new mode will transsize the Erangel into lớn a technologically advanced location.

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The company DynaHex is utilizing the said bản đồ as their research center, thus the changes. All previous locations in the former iteration of Erangel have been remodeled and renamed.

Pochinki is now a Transit Center, the Mylta Power nguồn turned inkhổng lồ an Energy Center, and the School has been transformed into a Tech Center, to name a few.