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Valverde has a squad of 22 players at his disposal which will allow hyên to try many different systems và formations



Barça have sầu started this season without Andres Iniesta but bởi have sầu new signings Artruo Vidal, Malcom, Lenglet và Arthur to lớn Điện thoại tư vấn upon. Ernesto Valverde wanted a smaller squad compared lớn last season and this summer has gone extremely well. The club has anegative net spend of€5.8m (€137.7m from sales, €131.9m on new arrivals). They also have two academy stars in Riqui Puig and Mirandomain authority pushing for minutes as well as the returning from injury duo, Samper và Aleña. Together they will fight for the Champions League title the club is so desperate khổng lồ win again.

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Here is a complete guide to lớn the entire squad.

1 - Ter Stegene - goalkeeper

A goalkeeper who is ready to lớn make history. He arrived lớn little fanfare but is now one of the pillars of this Barça side. His distrubition helps open up the team và he offers security between the sticks.

2 - Semevì chưng - defender

The Portuguese full back needed a season lớn adapt khổng lồ the Camp Nou và this year he"ll be expected to lớn kick on and make the right bachồng slot his own. After his first preseason at the club, expectations are high for Semevị.

3 - Piqué - defender

The captain on và off the pitch. The centre baông xã is one of the most recognisable faces in the squad. He never bites his tongue và always gives his all on the pitch. This year he"s the third captain - và he deserves it.

4 - Rakitic - midfielder

After a fantastic World Cup he decided to reject the riches of PSG to stay at Barcelona. He"s got a lot of competition this season but he"s a key player in Valverde"s eyes.

5 - Busquets - midfielder

The definition of balance. When he isn"t in the team, it breaks down. He"s a key thành viên of Barcelona"s spine & he"ll continue that way this season. There"s still no able replacement for hyên ổn, so he"ll play more than most.

6 - Denis Suárez - midfielder

One lớn watch under Valverde. He spent most of last season in the shadows but was given a chance towards the kết thúc & proved his worth. He"s a talented player but he"ll need to lớn fight hard lớn earn a starting place in midfield.

7 - Coutinho - midfielder

The Brazilian arrived in January but looks like a new signing this season. The supporters are desperate to see what he can do after a bright start & he looks set lớn have sầu a great future at the Camp Nou.

8 - Arthur - midfielder

Few people expected Arthur to adapt so fast to life at Barcelomãng cầu. After a wonderful preseason campaign he"s another potential breakout star. He hasn"t played much in the early games but expect that to lớn change as the season hots up.

9 - Suárez - forward

The Uruguayan"s non-stop work allows Mesmê mệt the freedom he needs to inflict damage. Despite his advancing years, Suarez is still one of the best strikers in the world of football and is the ideal teammate for Messay đắm.

10 - Mesmê say - forward

Even though Crisitano has left LaLiga now, Mesđê mê isn"t thinking about taking his foot off the accelerator. In the club"s presentation he gave a warning to lớn teams with aspirations of winningthe Champions League this season. If the Argentine wants something enough, he tends to vày it.

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11 Dembélé - forward

The talented winger is more focused than last season, he looks happier out on the pitch too. The French man could be key as Barcelona look to lớn win every trophy within their grasp.

12 - Rafinha - midfielder

It looked at one point as if Rafinha was going khổng lồ leave sầu but, in the over, he"s staying put. The Brazilian will be another option for Valverde và after a fine preseason campaign, he should get regular minutes.

13 - Cillessen - goalkeeper

Very few clubs can clayên ổn khổng lồ have such a high chất lượng backup goalkeeper. He"s always relaxed about his role & is a great teammate khổng lồ ter Stegene.

14 - Malcom - forward

The Brazilian"s arrival was unpexected but in time he"ll begin to lớn force his way into Valverde"s plans. Barça is an unknown to lớn the player but he"s one of the most talented youngsters in the world of football. Patience is required.

15 - Lenglet - defender

Barcelona have sầu been searching for the man to lớn complete their centre bachồng options & they"ve sầu found hlặng. The French defender will start the season as third choice but has the talent lớn eventually force his way into lớn the starting line up. He"s also very good with the ball at his feet.

16 - Samper - midfielder

The academy star has been one of the most talked about names in the thành phố and finally has the chance to prove himself with the first team. Born & bread in La Masia, the only thing he"s lacking is a bit of luông xã when it comes to injuries. He could be an alternative lớn Busquets.

18 - Jordi Altía - defender

Despite being left out of Luis Enrique"s Spain squad, the left back is a certain starter under Valverde. His non-stop, energetic pace up & down the left h& side is crucial khổng lồ Barça"s system. Links up perfectly with Mesđắm say too.

19 - Munir - forward

After working himself inlớn the ground, Munir has convinced everybody toàn thân that he deserves another chance at Barcelomãng cầu. He can play anywhere across the forward line.

đôi mươi - Sergi Roberto lớn - defender/midfielder

He continues lớn be Barcelona"s Swiss Army Knife. He"s equally as great at right baông chồng as he isin midfield. He"s an example lớn everyone & was rewarded by being named the club"s fourth captain.

22 - Arturo Vidal - midfielder

Every club needs someone lượt thích the Chilean. Vidal brings that grit and power which you can"t teach, it"s something you"re born with. His competitiveness will make the squad even stronger.

23 - Umtiti - defender

After winning the World Cup with France, he"s now set his sights on the Champions League. If he reaches his highest màn chơi, there"s no one better than him. His charisma has conquered the Camp Nou too.

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24 - Vermaelen - defender

A reliable backup. Last season Vermaelen showed that, when called upon, he"s still got top performances in his locker. Only injuries let hlặng down. If he can stay fit và remain available, Valverde has an embarrassment of riches to lớn chose from at centre baông xã.

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