The international 2018 battle pass overview


Valve finally released The International 2018 Battle Pass. Let’s examine all the features, game modes, items, & special effects available this year.

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Exclusive game modes

The Underhollow

A team-based dungeon game that will be available at a later date. You will fight in a subterranean map against other teams lớn acquire the priceless Roshan’s cheese.

Explore the maze, beat monster, earn XP và Gold to lớn empower your heroes, & finish before the other teams. It is a timed game as the Roshan can find you và put an kết thúc to lớn your race.

Rewards: Battle Points.

Cavern Crawl

Win with the designated heroes in your Dota 2 games, & you will be able khổng lồ explore the caves in tìm kiếm of rewards.

Rewards: exclusive sầu nhà cửa sets, style unlocks for the sets, Battle Points, utility items for the game mode, & a cosmically rare Jade baby Roshan.

Mutation Mode

Mutation is a new unraked game mode where all players receive sầu random gameplay modifiers, such as the ability khổng lồ resurrect a teammate.

All new items (hats) available

Custom lane creeps

New skins for both Radiant and Dire creeps based on TI8 subterranean theme.


New terrain: The Emerald Abyss

Unlocked permanently at màn chơi 160. The terrain will never expire.


Unlocked from levels 1 lớn 563.


Eimer “Tubs” Hillburrow

This year’s evolving courier - it has six additional styles.

Unlocked from levels 1 khổng lồ 1058.

Chat Wheel sounds

A collection of Chat Wheel sounds containing famous lines from personalities of the Dota 2 community. They include all the best sounds of the 2017 edition plus five new caster packs và a sound paông xã.

Unlocked from levels 24 to lớn 1205.

Special seasonal effects

Seasonal in-game effects for fountain, teleport, Bliên kết Dagger, and more items.

Unlocked from levels 2 to lớn 1245.


Chat Wheel sprays

Finally, sprays are available also in Dota 2. You can place them anywhere on the maps.

Unlocked from levels 26 to lớn 1875.


River Vials

The River Vials are back! Each vial transforms the appearance of the river for three minutes, and can be used a single time in each maps. There is no limit lớn the number of games in which you can activate them.

Unlocked from levels 65 lớn 1905.


The 2018 Immortals

As usual, there are three chests that are awarded upon reaching specific Battle Pass levels. Only the first treasure is available at the moment - the others will be released during the next months.

Treasure I: 1 - 10 - 22 - 34 - 46 - 80 - 220 (repeats every 30 levels).

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Treasure II: 1 - 98 - 112 - 132 - 152 - 230 (repeats every 30 levels).

Treasure III: 1 - 164 - 178 - 194 - 206 - 240 (repeats every 30 levels).

Level 125 - Earn bonus paông xã of 3 Immortal treasures.

Level 375 - Earn bonus paông chồng of 10 Immortal treasures.

Each Treasure gives the chance lớn find a cosmically rare tác phẩm,the Emblem of the Crystal Echelon,which can be equipped on any anh hùng until the next year’s International.

You can also drop more Immortal treasures & extra rare items with the Trust of the Benefactor -granted at cấp độ 83 và every 50 levels starting from 245.

More items not yet available

Meepo announcer pack

The new Meepo Announcer & Killing Spree bundle.

Unlocked at cấp độ 75.

Hell - Spar Anathema

A new prestige vật phẩm for Lion with custom Finger of Death effects & an alternate unlockable style.

Unlocked at màn chơi 255.

Promise of the Eminent Revival

A legacy bundle containing updated versions of five sầu select items from previous Battle Pass Immortal treasures.

Unlocked at màn chơi 615 - will be available later this summer.

Matchmaking options

Team Challenge

Levelling up the Battle Pass you will earn Team Challenge Tokens, which can be used lớn match your five-players stack in a higher difficulty ranked game. Winning the game will reward your whole team with extra MMR & bonus Battle Points.

Role-based queue

A new ranked mode limited to Battle Pass owners. Before searching for a game you must select your position: Support, Safe, Mid, or Offlane. The matchmaker creates a balanced group based on these preferences.

More new and old features

In-game tipping

A new feature khổng lồ celebrate the success of the team. You can tip up to lớn three players in the same game, and ten per week. The tips don’t come from your own Battle Points, so keep using them to thank your teammates!

Initially, tips are worth 25 points, but they will increase khổng lồ 50 from level 92, 100 from cấp độ 337, và 200 from level 1505.

Pro Circuit predictions

You can now predict the results of Dota Pro Circuit matches and earn extra Battle Points. Match predictions will be live sầu starting from the MDL Changsha Major.

Favorite team

Teams sprays are awarded for collecting a full phối of Fantasy Player Cards for any team. Now, you can also buy specific cards with Dust!

Dota Plus bonus

Dota Plus subscribers will earn 5,000 extra Battle Points và Shards every 100 Battle Levels from 100 to lớn 1,0000.

Collector’s Aegis & Baby Roshan

The exclusive sầu 1/5th-scale alloy replica of The International 2018 Collector"s Aegis will be delivered to màn chơi 1,000 Battle Pass owners, while for the 2018 Collector’s Baby Roshan is required to lớn reach màn chơi 2,000.

You will also receive sầu a special glow effect for the in-game fountain Aegis và a replacement for the Roshan’s in-game mã sản phẩm.

Price và Prize Pool

The 2018 Battle Pass has the same price of the past one, and again 25% of all sales will contribute to lớn The International 8 prize pool.

Level 1 Battle Pass - $9.99 USD

Level 75 Battle Pass - $36.99 USD

If you plan to lớn buy extra levels, starting with the màn chơi 75 version is the best option as you will save about 5 dollars.

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5 levels - $2.49

11 levels - $4.99

24 levels - $9.99

If TI8 prize pool will surpass last year’s $24,787,916, every Battle Pass owner will receive 10,000 bonus points, và the same bonus will also be awarded at $30,000,000.