Business intelligence, bi game: les différents visages de la


Game mechanics, which are the building blocks ofgamification, are the rules & rewards that trang điểm game play & create an engaging experience.

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What are game mechanics?

The essence of gamification is the application of game mechanics to lớn “gamify” an activity. Game mechanics are the rules và rewards that build the foundation of game play. When strategically & tactically deployed in accord with game dynamics, it makes gamification challenging, fun và rewarding.

We"ve sầu identified the following ten primary game mechanics, which make the foundation of gamification:







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What are game dynamics?

Game dynamics refer lớn a phối of emotions, behaviors và desires found in game mechanics that resonate with people and are used with game mechanics to foster engagement & motivate participants.

Examples of game dynamics include:

CompetitionCollaborationCommunityCollectionAchievementSurpriseProgress (emotional)Exploration

These emotions are the compelling desires và motivation that trigger behavior economics & intrinsic motivation. Overall, these emotions are the motivations that not only define, but propel trò chơi Dynamics.


Partner with a leader in gamification

BI WORLDWIDE expertly understands the compelling desires, motivation và data-driven insights that help fuel successful gamification programs. As an innovator with enterprise gamification, we have sầu the experience & expertise of working with organizations across many verticals to lớn drive inspire engagement with measurable results.

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Solutions powered by gamification

Bunchball Nitro: Enterprise-cấp độ gamification

Bunchball Nitro is BI WORLDWIDE's enterprise engagement software. Engage your users where they already are with the most secure and scalable gamification platform available.

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Bunchball Web Components: Gamification elements on your terms

Rather than getting your users to lớn adopt a new system, our Gamification Web Components allow you transform your tools to lớn drive motivation towards your program defined goals.

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Bunchball Go: Mobile engagement and performance hub

Engage & motivate employees not only where they are, but where you want them khổng lồ be. Enjoy the same desktop standards with the best di động gamification experience available.

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Learn how gamification can engage your audience.

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