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This.. Is Blade & Soul in the first quarter of 2021. Followed by Blade & Soul in the fourth quarter of 2021. I don’t think I need lớn spell out exactly how bad that is for the game. Here’s another graphic lớn further drive the importance of this reveal.

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In light of this.. And the imminent và impending closure of Blade & Soul on PC, a new Blade & Soul MMO is already on its way and poised to cosplay the financial loss of the franchise on PC. Yup, let that sink in for a moment.Blade & Soul – an MMO with what is arguably one of the best combat systems currently present within the genre. An MMO that has a larger world, better customization options và generally a more stunning graphical style than almost any of its competition.This game is getting a sequel. A remake. A complete overhaul in the khung of a brand new game. You’d think this would be cause for celebration. But it isn’t.

Today, I want khổng lồ talk about a trò chơi that should not exist: Blade & Soul S – a brand new Blade và Soul MMO.Blade & Soul S was announced all the way back in 2018. Yes, this MMO has been in active development for over 4 years now. Và all we have khổng lồ show for it is a single trailer – the very trailer you’re watching in the background.This game was announced simultaneously with Aion 2, Blade và Soul 2, Blade & Soul M, Lineage 2M, & Project TL. All of which have either already launched, or have planned launches this year.After seeing the horrendous decline in terms of active players và revenue, it’s evident why NCSoft are trying to push out a new Blade & Soul title. But what exactly is it, & is it going khổng lồ effectively replace what we all know and love on PC?Honestly? No. The only way this successfully replaces Blade & Soul on PC is if NCSoft opt lớn shut Blade & Soul down. Which at least as of the first quarter of 2022, is not looking to lớn happen.

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Blade & Soul S is the – and I know this is going to shock some of you.. THIRD điện thoại game based on the Blade & Soul intellectual property. Yes, there are already several sản phẩm điện thoại Blade & Soul titles currently available, including Blade và Soul 2 which I have a đánh giá of for those of you interested.And where Blade và Soul 2 actually looks good – visually there’s no denying the sequel to lớn Blade & Soul looks anything other than stunning – Blade và Soul S has taken a completely different approach.Blade & Soul S is.. Chibi. Distorted. Cute-ified. They turned what was once a đoạn phim game aimed at teens or adults into what seems to lớn be a childrens game. The kinda trò chơi my little nephew would play. And it looks absolutely horrible.If I didn’t know who the characters were in the trailer, I’d think this was a game specifically targeted at children. Yes, it looks & feels that bad.However, much lượt thích its predecessor on PC, Blade và Soul S is going to feature a completely dynamic open-world that is going to supposedly change in real-time.Something that isn’t done in MMOs – due to the nature of large-scale multiplayer functionality. Will NPCs walk around? Move from their pre-designated areas? Will monsters spawn in different locations? Will villages be established, và vanish just as fast?Unfortunately nobody knows, but having a “dynamic world” means a world that never becomes repetitious – never grows stagnant. That is always changing. Và I just don’t see how that’s at all possible for an MMO.


This game is going lớn take place 3 years before the events of Blade & Soul, which means… we already know the outcome of the story. Unless they plan on taking the story in another direction.If not, we’ll quickly arrive at the same point in the story we’re at in the PC iteration of the game, và will be essentially playing out a game we’ve already played, but with chibi graphics & worse combat.And given this is going khổng lồ be a prequel, it’s highly likely they plan on retconning events, which will end up ultimately angering players. Where Blade và Soul was an MMO – and presented players with a single character that they could create, level và customize, Blade và Soul S is going the Gacha route.While still an MMO, you’re going to lớn be able to recruit – and subsequently purchase via the cash cửa hàng different characters found within the franchise. Meaning you’ll buy someone like Jinsoyun và send her into battle alongside you.I get it – they’re desperate for money, but if this isn’t the dumbest thing I’ve heard all year… và what’s worse? They plan on adding new characters into the game. I get it’s a prequel, but these characters are going to lớn have an impact on the story – and will likely be present throughout the game, altering the course of the trò chơi even further.What’s weird, is that the game, once more, is entirely open-world. Which means these characters you’ll be capable of deploying.. Will be fighting alongside you out in the world. With other players using their own selection of characters as well.

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I dunno, man. This all sounds kinda ridiculous lớn me.We don’t need a new Blade & Soul MMO – least of all on smartphone devices. Rather, we need NCSoft to realize that they need to lớn fix the already existing game. That’s much more important.Blade và Soul S looks horrible. The cheap looking graphics, the potentially retconned story, the likely auto-play, dumbed down trò chơi overall is not the logical next stage of the trò chơi we need. It’s a step in the complete wrong direction, & will hurt the franchise more than it’ll help it.How many people do you hear positively, and actively speaking about any of the other Blade và Soul mobile games? Go ahead, I’ll wait. Exactly.This is not the future Blade & Soul deserves, but crappy Korean developers lượt thích NCSoft are going khổng lồ take every IP they hold & flush it down the toilet. Because it’s what they do. All they care about is money, & they don’t realize that players will spend money on a game they enjoy – that is handled well. Lượt thích Final Fantasy XIV.