Skill Trees


Blade & Soul contain a total of 14 playable classes, up from 7 that were present in the game at its launch, each with their own quality race(s) and playstyles. Each class presents its own abilities, fighting style, và role in a combat scenario.

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Your picked class will only be playable with its own respective class equipment. That means it can prove difficult khổng lồ switch from your picked class, so pick carefully! The following classes are currently playable within the game:






In the table, you'll find information for what specializations each class can select. The specialization will change the playstyle in its entirety and can be customized further by unique talents.

Class Specializations Assassin Serpent Shadow Phantom Astromancer Starcaster Stormweaver ??? Blade Dancer Spinning Storm Thundering Blade Grim Blade Blade Master Spirit Sword Singing Blade Spectral Blade Dual Blade Shifting Blades Lotus ??? Destroyer Earth Breaker Reaper Iron Will Force Master Flame Frost Lightning Gunslinger Destruction Undertaker Arsenal Kung Fu Master Flying Kick Dragon Fist Iron Claw Soul Fighter Enduring Strength Eternal Soul Divine Hand Summoner Swarm Thorns Fantasy Warden Madness Guardian Inferno Warlock Distortion Scourge Reaver Zen Archer Lightbringer Windpiercer ??? " jsaction="rcuQ6b:WYd;">


The Basics

Blade & Soul utilizes an action combat system, allowing you to lớn truly feel like a martial artist. Being aware of your surroundings, correctly positioning yourself, knowing when lớn defend, when to lớn attack, & choosing the best response khổng lồ your opponent are all key to being able khổng lồ truly master your martial prowess.

In order for your attacks to lớn have their intended impact, you generally need to be facing your opponent. Some skills have a ranged impact, where everyone who’s standing in front of you will be damaged as long as they’re within range. These can generally be used at any time, & anyone who gets in your way will be hit. Some abilities require a target to lớn use, & usually, the opponent that’s directly in front of you and within range of your abilities will be targeted. You’ll know when you’re targeting someone when the cross-hair cursor snaps khổng lồ them, và their information appears on the đứng đầu of the screen.

The combat in Blade và Soul is dependent on your actions và reaction, and many of your martial abilities are triggered upon certain events. Your action bar at the bottom of the screen shows the skills you have available in general situations; however, these skill bars will shift to display abilities that are available lớn take advantage of a given situation.

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For example, if you’re knocked down, your skill options will change to a give you a number of different abilities that allow you lớn jump back up into the battle. But be quick, or you could lose your chance to lớn respond.

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Through training, effort, and perseverance, a martial artist hones the skills of their style—their class. These skills vary greatly from class to lớn class, và through the wielder’s wisdom and preparation, their individual style is defined. The skills a martial artist applies themselves to can be focused upon, improved, và increased in power & impact. And by specializing one’s focus, even those of the same class can điện thoại tư vấn upon vastly different abilities.