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We're a group of people bringing better care, rooted in our own communities, so we can all live sầu healthier lives.

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Citybloông chồng works with you và your insurance provider khổng lồ address gaps in your current care. We then split the cost savings that come with better care with your insurance company. We think it’s past time a healthcare company was designed this way: When you’re healthy, everyone wins.

A care team that’s got your bachồng.

We are a diverse group of care professionals — social workers, therapists, doctors, nurses, và advanced care practitioners — who live sầu and work in the communities we serve sầu. Our goal is lớn put you at the center of your own healthcare experience. If your health insurance plan includes a Citybloông xã membership, we can provide you with a care team ready to tư vấn you.

Check Your Eligibility

Gọi or text us at 1-833-904-CARE.

For help with new and on-going issues, our Mobile ứng dụng helps you connect with a care provider who can get you the care you need right away.

Where we are

Citybloông chồng is proud to lớn partner with local insurance providers to serve communities in the following regions. Clichồng on the icons below to lớn see if we’re in your area today.

We’re a growing company of passionate people bringing radically better care lớn our own communities. Meet some of our experts và learn more about how you can get care today.

Tara Sherblom

Community Health PartnerA personal guide matched lớn every Citybloông xã member to help you navigate care options in the way that works best for you.

Joanna Mejia

Nurse PractitionerExperienced & empathetic professionals who can meet your full healthcare needs online, over the phone, at one of our Hubs, or in a safe place in your community.

Dr. Emily Hurwitz

Medical DirectorOur doctors are ready to lớn meet our members where and when is most convenient for you.

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Mohanne Charles

Behavioral TherapistHealth is about your whole self — mind, và body toàn thân. Our behavioral therapists offer a full range of mental health tư vấn to members.

Jose Casanova

Product EngineerOur engineers build the technology that allows our care teams khổng lồ meet members where they are — at trang chủ, on your phone, or in a safe place in your community.

If you’re an insurance provider, care practitioner, or community organization looking khổng lồ improve health outcomes for the people you serve, let’s work together.

We love working here. You will, too.

Ready lớn change healthcare? We’re looking for smart, passionate people khổng lồ join our growing team.

Learn more about career opportunities with Citybloông xã, apply for an open role, or drop us a line about what you’re looking for.

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All medical services are provided by licensed physicians và health care practitioners practicing within a group of independently owned & operated professional practices collectively known as “ Medical Practices.” Citybloông chồng Health, Inc. does not itself provide any physician, mental health or other healthcare provider services.