Boeing Và Airbus

With Airbus and Boeing being such dominant forces in the commercial aviation industry, comparisons between the two manufacturers are inevitable. With both OEMs having released full-year data yesterday concerning their orders & deliveries in 2022, let's examine this, và other factors, khổng lồ see who had the best year.

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Crunching the numbers

Starting with Boeing, the US giant's latest report showed that it delivered a total of 480 aircraft last year. Compared lớn the 340 that it managed in 2021, this represents a 41% increase, as well as the company's busiest year for deliveries since 2018 (when it shipped out 806 commercial aircraft). The 737 was the dominant family here, with 387 of Boeing's 480 deliveries (81%) in 2022 being these jets.

Meanwhile, across the North Atlantic Ocean, multinational European firm Airbus managed 661 deliveries in 2022. While this saw it fall short of its planned 700-aircraft target, this figure still represented an 8% year-on-year increase compared khổng lồ 2021, và put it comfortably ahead of Boeing. Narrowbodies were, once again, a key component, with 516 of the 661 deliveries (78%) last year being A320 family jets.

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In terms of orders, Boeing racked up a gross total of 935. When accounting for cancelations and conversions, this figure fell lớn a net total of 774. Meanwhile, Airbus managed 1,078 gross orders, with its final net figure being 820. On a corresponding conference gọi yesterday evening, Airbus CCO Christian Scherer stated that "cancelations were in line with previous years, & (...) largely anticipated."

Both parties faced major challenges last year

Despite both Airbus and Boeing having improved on their 2021 performance last year, 2022 was not without its challenges for the pair. Indeed, they, along with the industry as a whole, had to come to terms with hurdles like, as Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury explained yesterday, "COVID, the war in Ukraine, energy supply issues, inflation, và generally speaking, constrained labor markets."

On an individual level, one of the biggest challenges that Boeing faced was its ongoing hiatus of Boeing 787 deliveries. This began in May 2021, amid FAA concerns regarding chất lượng control issues on the Dreamliner's production line. However, deliveries eventually resumed in August, with 31 shipped out by the end of 2022.


Meanwhile, Airbus has been caught up in an ongoing trial with Qatar Airways, regarding surface degradation on the carrier's A350 aircraft. The situation arose in January 2021 due to lớn cracks on a single plane, but has since spiraled into a much larger case. The tension between the two parties has even resulted in order cancelations, and, with a trial set lớn begin in June, there is still a long way khổng lồ go.

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The bottom line

While the issues faced by each manufacturer perhaps prevented 2022 from being the storming return to khung that they might have hoped it would be, the year still represented an improvement over 2021 in both camps. This marked an admirable effort in each instance, but, in a business such as commercial aviation, the key facts & figures are what the major players tend to be judged on.


In this regard, the numbers show that Airbus had the stronger year of the pair. Its deliveries were 38% higher than those of Boeing, và it also beat the US firm in terms of net orders by a margin of 6%. Airbus CCO Christian Scherer reflected confidently on this outcome, stating that "we've enjoyed four consecutive years of leadership, và I look forward lớn making it five in the coming year."

That being said, Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Stan giảm giá khuyến mãi is also optimistic about the year ahead. Looking khổng lồ the future, he noted that "as the airline industry expands its recovery, we are seeing strong demand across our hàng hóa family (...) We will stay focused on driving stability within our operations & the supply chain as we work khổng lồ deliver for our customers in 2023 and beyond."