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The highly-anticipated Battle Pass 20trăng tròn for the International 10 was released on May 26. Yet, it didn’t take a day before the prize pool surpassed 8 million dollars. Effectively, this broke previous year’s record which the DOTA2 community never thought was possible. Unfortunately, the DOTA 2 update shipped with a horde of bugs. Battle Pass buyers clayên ổn that, “it is literally unplayable”.Bạn sẽ xem: Dota plus welcome quest bug? :: dota 2 general discussions


Guilds are great, however…

The return of guilds was celebrated pleasantly by many players. Players who never had friends to lớn play with, can finally feel lượt thích they belong in a family for once.

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However, the guild feature posed a new abuse. Several DOTA celebs such as Johan “N0tail” Sundstein and Artour “Arteezy” Babaev, had their account overwhelmed by guild invites from strangers.

Hey Dota2 guild invites from non-friends or something? I don't appreciate getting sent photos of dicks disguised as guild invites while I'm streaming.

— Moxxi (MoxxiCasts) May 26, 2020

DOTA 2 caster, Michelle “Moxxi” Song, took it khổng lồ Twitter to lớn ask DOTA2 developers khổng lồ implement a function khổng lồ bloông chồng DOTA 2 guild invites. Not only were the invite spams are irritating to lớn decline manually, but guilds are uploading diông chồng images as their guild photo lớn. For streamers, that could lead to getting banned for sexual nội dung.

While the developers have sầu not added a proper setting lớn disable guild invites, a quichồng fix was suggested. Typing command “dota_guild_ignore_invites true” inkhổng lồ the console will bởi the triông xã.

Battle Pass Pay-to-Win Feature?

For instance, the ultra-rare immortal tác phẩm, the Abscesserator, is a new hook skin for Pudge that customizes his first skill, Meat Hook. The thành phầm itself has a much larger mã sản phẩm than its mặc định, so this may become difficult for enemies lớn avoid the hook. I mean, it’s a mechanical arm as large as Pudge itself!

Can you escape from DA BUTCHER? Look at this silly hook kích thước. from DotA2

When buffed with auras such as Ogre Magi’s Blood Lust & activating BKB, the hook increases in kích thước along with the anh hùng mã sản phẩm. Now that’s a horrifying sight for enemies as they watch a giant arm heading towards them!

Literally Unplayable

As player count surged, the servers are once again having a difficult time coping with the sudden increase. Many players have sầu reported that their DOTA 2 client could not connect to the game coordinator (the server). Others who are fortunate enough lớn find a game, are instead greeted with DOTA 2 experience in slideshows.

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Official team OG streamer, Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski, played a ranked game at 1 frame per second. What baffles his viewers is that he played the game for a whopping 40 minutes.

Then, there are also reported cases of the “FIND MATCH” button disappearing altogether. It didn’t take long before Wykrhm Reddy shared a solution to lớn the bug using console comm&. Nevertheless, players are disappointed with the various bugs that ruined their gaming experience after just days since the battle pass released.

Let’s just enjoy the content

The bugs và initial troubles that came with the battle pass were definitely troublesome. However, most players are just happy that the battle pass is finally here after weeks of boring #stayathome page orders. Frankly, the bigger concern that most of us cared is how lớn earn battle pass points effectively.

Besides the quests, the side shop doesn’t offer battle pass points at all. However, it is possible lớn play it effectively. Instead of going for the long shots of earning xanh gems, just go for the normal red gems instead. Red gems comes in larger quantities than blues.

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Use red gems to redeem consumables bundle & you would have better luông xã earning points from portals in-game. Enjoy the Battle Pass 2020.