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A powerful experience for entry-level smartphones. It"s the best of 6struyenky.vn, built with new và reimagined apps, so even the most affordable 6struyenky.vn smartphones present the optimum experience.

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6struyenky.vn 6struyenky.vn Story: Flipkart

Learn how the Flipkart team was able khổng lồ bởi vì reduce app kích thước and optimize memory usage in their tiện ích for 6struyenky.vn (Go edition) devices.

6struyenky.vn (Go edition) by Flipkart

Delivering a high-unique experience lớn users on entry-màn chơi devices requires some optimizations khổng lồ your ứng dụng và game.

Target 6struyenky.vn Oreo

Ensure that your phầm mềm or game is targeting (at least) 6struyenky.vn Oreo (API 26). 6struyenky.vn Oreo is packed with a ton of battery và performance improvements that will ensure your app or game runs well on these devices.

Optimize phầm mềm size

Apps should be less than 40MB on device, while games should be less than 65MB on device. While these devices provide more storage out of the box than ever before, ensuring your tiện ích or game has a light footprint is key to preventing users from maxing out their storage.

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Optimize memory usage

Ensure that your PSS (measured as the sum of the private memory of your app plus your app"s proportional usage of public processes) under 50MB for apps and under 150MB for games. Users don"t want slow phones, & they expect their phone to be lightning quichồng.

No ANRs, No Crashes

Nothing is worse than an tiện ích that freezes or crashes. Our studies have shown that users will abandon và uninstall apps quickly, if apps crash frequently. Leverage 6struyenky.vnVitals khổng lồ understand và address problems with application not responding errors, and crashes.

Start your ứng dụng under 5 seconds

User perception is key here. Ensure that your tiện ích or game is able to start (become usable) in under 5 seconds. When an app takes longer than 5 seconds to load, abandonment & drop-off increases.

Discover how khổng lồ optimize your apps for global markets with 6struyenky.vn (Go edition)

The Play Store which is optimized to 10MB (the same Play Store for all 6struyenky.vn users), also has promotional opportunities to lớn help you grow in global markets. Discover features and insights about what your users care about the most - such as showcasing kích cỡ, and how to lớn better optimize your apps using 6struyenky.vn (Go edition).


Reduce tiện ích kích thước, increase installs

A key requirement to lớn be optimized for 6struyenky.vn (Go edition) devices is to lớn ensure your app"s size is small (40MB for apps, and 65MB for games) on a user"s device. Our studies have shown that reducing tiện ích size can lead lớn more installs.

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Your phầm mềm receives user interface và user experience Đánh Giá from the Play editorial team before launch. The team helps optimize onboarding experiences, material design implementation, business Model execution, user engagement, và other aspects of your ứng dụng.

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