Mi Home (Mijia) 360° Home Camera White

Installing and getting the security camera functional is quite easy The AI-powered motion detection is fairly accurate, even in darkness The talkback feature comes in handy with clear audio output

Xiaomi"s Mijia ecosystem, sold mainly in China, consists of a wide range of smart trang chủ devices including everything from washing machines lớn smart cameras. The Mi trang chủ Security Camera 360° falls into the latter category and is one of the few products from the ecosystem lớn have launched in India. It has an appealing design và a tonne of features including live audio talkback and AI motion detection, but is the Mi trang chủ Security Camera 360° actually worth buying, and how does it fare in day-to-day usage? Read on to find the answers in our in-depth Mi trang chủ Security Camera 360° review.

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Mi trang chủ Security Camera 360° design & build quality

The Mi home Security Camera 360° has a clean & attractive design, và looks almost like a toy, albeit one that is built solidly. The main camera toàn thân is a spherical shell with a pill-shaped cutout that allows the camera lens to tilt up & down. There"s also a microSD thẻ slot below the lens. On the back of the spherical body toàn thân is the circular speaker grille.

The base has a matte finish và you"ll also find a reset button & a Micro-USB port at the back. The whole device appears khổng lồ be made out of sturdy polycarbonate. The solid build chất lượng certainly serves as an assurance of longevity.

The security camera comes with a microSD slot to let users locally save đoạn phim footage

The mi security camera measures 78x78x118 mm, và tips the scales at 239g. Xiaomi mi claims that it is designed khổng lồ be shock-proof, but we advise against testing this claim. The motorised camera movements are smooth, and the device does not make any noise during the calibration process, or in everyday use.

Mi trang chủ Security Camera 360° installation và setup

The Mi trang chủ Security Camera 360° has a flat base with four circular grips spaced evenly around its circumference. It can be placed on a table và it won"t wobble, và it can also be mounted on the ceiling. Thankfully, mi provides the base plate, screws and plastic screw caps needed for this in the retail box. Once the security camera has been placed in your desired location, the only thing that remains is getting it connected và ready, which is quite simple.

First, connect the camera khổng lồ a USB nguồn source. You can use the USB cable and a 5W adapter that come in the retail package. Doing so will turn an LED indicator on & the Mi home Security Camera 360° will also provide a voice cue that it has been activated. Khổng lồ begin watching a live video clip feed, you"ll need to tải về the Xiaomi trang chủ app, which is available on both Android & iOS, and log in with a mi account.

Users will have khổng lồ enter their Wi-Fi credentials in the app. It is worth mentioning here that the Mi trang chủ Security Camera 360° establishes its connection using the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band. If you are using a dual-band router, make sure this is enabled, as the 5GHz band isn"t supported. The ứng dụng then asks for a few permissions & performs a Bluetooth search for the Mi trang chủ Security Camera 360°. Once the device has been paired, the app will show a QR code which must be scanned by the camera khổng lồ complete the setup process and allow you khổng lồ access the live feed.

We found the whole process fairly simple, và it can be completed in about five minutes. This is good for people who wouldn"t know how to lớn install a standard security camera. The app guides users step-by-step, & the mi device also offers instructional audio cues during the whole process.

Mi home Security Camera 360° camera unique and features

The Mi home Security Camera 360° is a 2-megapixel camera with an f/2.1 aperture. The chất lượng of the videos it captures is surprisingly good, especially when compared to what similarly priced offerings from other companies deliver. In well-lit environments, be it indoors or outdoors, the camera captured an ample amount of light in our tests, which means that videos retained a decent amount of colour và looked clear.

Xiaomi home app offers features such as sensitivity adjustment, scheduled monitoring, & more

Sharpness is decent as well. If you want to lớn adjust the quality of đoạn clip and images, there is an option called Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) that makes objects in a frame look clearer & less washed out. However, it also makes videos and images a little dimmer. The camera"s field of view is claimed to be 360 degrees horizontally and 96 degrees on the vertical axis.

The biggest strength of the Mi home Security Camera 360° is its ability lớn record videos even in darkness. The device comes equipped with eight 940nm infrared LEDs that allow it lớn record đoạn clip even when it is pitch dark. The footage we captured in such scenarios were decently sharp và detailed, và although they are monochrome, there is very little grainy texture. The camera can automatically switch between night & daytime modes when needed. The night mode works best at a range of 8-10m.

The edges of objects were fairly clear and there was also a good amount of detail in the images và videos we captured, especially when compared to lớn what we"ve seen with security cameras from companies lượt thích Godrej. There is another feature called ‘Full-color with low-light" that tries khổng lồ retain as much colour in videos và images as possible in sub-optimal lighting conditions, before switching to the infrared-assisted monochrome mode.

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On the downside, we found that some parts of the recorded footage, particularly when the camera was being repositioned using the D-pad, exhibited some blur. We also noticed that objects at the edges of any frame tended to have a barrel distortion effect. Even after enabling ‘Lens distortion correction" the peripheral warping was still there to lớn some extent. As far as trang chủ monitoring goes, you can choose between 24-hour camera surveillance, daytime or night-time recording, và a custom schedule.

The night vision mode is impressive & can capture objects even when it is total darkness

One shortcoming is that xiaomi does not provide an option khổng lồ back up recorded footage to lớn a cloud storage service, which means users will have khổng lồ rely on a microSD card or a separate backup solution for whatever network device files are being stored on. Even though this does not impact day-to-day performance, it would have been useful & convenient for users.

AI-assisted motion detection is really effective. Even at night, the camera was able khổng lồ capture the movement of a small insect hovering near it, and sent an alert. Once motion is detected, the camera will instantly send a notification and record a 10-second clip. A log of all such motion detection alerts, along with the recorded clips, can be accessed by tapping on the “Monitoring” option on the Live Feed page in the app.

One of the best features of the Mi trang chủ Security Camera 360° — and one that has been executed quite well — is the talkback feature, which basically allows users khổng lồ speak with people back at home or wherever the camera has been installed. Just tap the gọi button on the Live Feed screen & you are good lớn go. We found the voice chất lượng to be decent with clear audio on both sides. While the speaker did a good job at relaying voices, the camera"s microphone tended khổng lồ pick up a little bit of background noise if there were objects lượt thích a fan, for example, within its range.

You can choose khổng lồ record videos in HD or Low quality, if you don"t mind losing a bit of sharpness và colour đầu ra in order to reduce tệp tin sizes. In both modes, the resolution remains the same at 1920x1080 pixels. The same goes for stills captured at either setting. Xiaomi claims that the Mi home Security Camera 360° uses advanced đoạn clip encoding giải pháp công nghệ that can reduce đoạn clip bandwidth usage by around 50 percent và allows for faster clip streaming to lớn a điện thoại thông minh or tablet.

As for the recorded videos & photos, they can either be stored locally on a microSD thẻ of up lớn 64GB capacity, or sent to other devices on your network for storage. Data transmission is encrypted as a security measure.

The clean interface of the Xiaomi trang chủ app is a bonus. The home screen is where users can choose the device whose live feed they want to watch. There"s also an Inbox where you can see a history of all the motion detection alerts, along with shortcuts to lớn the mi online store, ngươi Community, & your Profile section. The live feed page, which appears after selecting the device, shows the camera"s feed on screen with a D-pad for controlling its movement. The voice điện thoại tư vấn button is flanked by Monitoring, Playback, Photo Album, and Shortcuts buttons.

The Monitoring section shows past notifications & lets you watch the 10-second clips recorded automatically. The Playback section is where you can watch videos recorded by the camera, while the Photo Album is for stills. The Shortcuts button provides quick access khổng lồ the sleep mode, camera calibration, và pop-up window tools.

The onboard speaker produces clear sound to facilitate the talkback feature

The camera has a sleep mode that lets users shut it down without having to disconnect it. You can activate sleep mode manually with the tap of a button or by setting up a custom schedule. When you wake the device from sleep, it takes a few seconds to lớn recalibrate itself & begin transmitting the live feed. There"s a slight additional delay if the camera has to switch itself khổng lồ Dark Mode immediately after waking up.

VerdictThe Mi trang chủ Security Camera 360° perfectly channels Xiaomi"s ‘more bang for your bucks" philosophy, and is feature-rich as well as affordable. With an excellent build quality and design, ease of use, a large number of features, and the overall quality of its recorded video, this mi offering is easily one of the best devices in its segment.

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The lack of cloud storage và a few minor media output quirks are shortcomings, but they aren"t major red flags. Currently going for Rs. 2,699 from the official xiaomi mi online store & Amazon Indi, the Mi home Security Camera 360° offers excellent value for money.

Price: Rs. 2,699


Solid build chất lượng and appealing designGood camera outputConvenient live audio chat featureImpressive night vision modeFast và accurate motion detection


No cloud storage supportVideo is blurry when the camera angle is being adjusted

Ratings (out of 5)

Design & build: 4Ease of installation: 4Video quality: 4Features: 4Value for money: 5Overall: 4