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Vietnam’s Golden Star Cao Sao Vàng balm becomes a hit abroad

You can’t call yourself a true-blue Vietnamese millennial if you haven’t heard of or used cao Sao Vàng, or the Golden Star balm growing up.

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If you haven’t used this once-popular household chiến thắng before it faded into obscurity after losing its popularity in Vietnam, it’s time to kiểm tra it out in stores again because this made-in-Vietnam sản phẩm is now causing a big wave in Russia, South Korea, và Japan. 

Cao Sao Vàng is a made-in-Vietnam product

Image adapted from: Lazada

Cao Sao Vàng was researched & first manufactured around 1968 và 1969, và soon became a medicinal staple in every family in then-North Vietnam.

Packed with pain-relieving ingredients và packaged in a round-shaped jar with a star biệu tượng công ty that conveniently fits in a pocket, the hàng hóa was often purchased by Vietnamese expats living in Europe for its convenience & affordability.

Image adapted from: Shopee

However, Vietnamese residents can still find this product on online shopping platforms such as Shopee và Lazada, from only VND4,500, (~USD0.19) for a 3-gram jar & VND16,000 (~USD0.69) for a 10-gram jar, a dirt cheap price compared to lớn other balms.

Many years have come & gone, & cao Sao Vàng would have remained as a memory khổng lồ every millennial had it not been recently heavily promoted in foreign markets such as Russia, Japan, and South Korea.

Cao Sao Vàng is a big hit in Russia, Japan, và South Korea

Image adapted from:  Громкие рыбы

“You seem khổng lồ freeze in the moment, between coolness & sexuality.” is an impressive yet abstract line used in a recent Russian ad describing the scent of the balm

Growing up in an era where hardly any advertising campaigns were made for this cabinet staple, none of us millennials or our parents really talked about or took time lớn experience how the balm smelled like. When we needed the balm for our muscle pains or headaches, we just grabbed it & rubbed it on. 

Watching this clip might make us want to lớn smell cao Sao rubi again to see if it’s really “a scent built on contradictions” lượt thích how the Russian ad describes it. 

Image adapted from:  Громкие рыбы

All in all, seeing our homegrown sản phẩm given a new lease of life in a movie trailer-like advertising đoạn phim is making Vietnamese netizens proud. In fact, it’s like watching an advertisement for an expensive perfume.

Another thing about this clip that makes us even gladder is the storyline of the advertisement, which portrays talents representing consumers from all walks of life. From teens khổng lồ blue-collar and rich men and their girlfriends, it promises that all will be enchanted by the irresistible smell of cao Sao Vàng.

After making a sweeping success in Russia, the largest importer of the balm, the sản phẩm is also making waves in South Korea & Japan.

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Image adapted from: Naver Smart Store

On South Korea’s shopping platform Naver Shopping, cao Sao Vàng is enjoying a starting price of KRW7,000 (~VND145,806) , about 30 times the price of the hàng hóa sold in Vietnam.

Image adapted from: Amazon Japan

On Amazon japan platform, the hàng hóa is being sold at ¥1,100 (~VND245,635), about 55 times higher than its price in Vietnam. Furthermore, it’s currently sold out.

Vietnamese netizens are wowed

Seeing cao Sao Vàng being promoted overseas has opened local netizens’ eyes khổng lồ the significance of this simple homegrown product. The commercial featuring cao Sao Vàng has raked in over 6 million views and thousands of comments at the time of writing.

Image adapted from:  Громкие рыбы

Touched by the popularity of cao Sao Vàng in Russia, Youtube user Lights Northern expressed his love for the beautiful land of birch trees, “They say French is language of love, but to me, it’s Russia. From Vietnam with love, brothers and sisters!!”

Image adapted from:  Громкие рыбы

“I can’t believe what you guys have done! Something that’s so common in Vietnam lượt thích cao Sao Vàng can be this fancy & !! Thank you guys a lot making this,” Youtube user b5z expressed their delightful surprise at the significant enhancement of cao Sao Vàng’s image in Russia.

While the phản hồi section of the commercial video clip is full of shoutouts and words of thanks from Vietnamese netizens, you’ll also find some users expressing their pet peeves about the product. 

Image adapted from:  Громкие рыбы

“In my country, they said that lifting Thor’s Hammer would be easier than opening this with one hand,” said Professor Nino from Vietnam. This joking phản hồi is actually true, because many consumers through the generations have had problems opening the stubborn lid of cao Sao Vàng jars because of its small size.

Aside from many comments from Vietnamese Youtube users, you’ll also find comments in Russian from Russian fans.

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Vietnam’s medicinal balm cao Sao Vàng is a hit in foreign markets

While we should be proud of all locally produced products, seeing cao Sao Vàng having fans all over the world makes us feel really proud.

Not only does cao Sao Vàng’s success story give us a newfound pride in this sản phẩm which we have taken for granted for so long, but also ignites our hopes in our local manufacturers. Hopefully more quality homegrown products will be promoted abroad và put Vietnam on the world bản đồ again. 

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