One Piece Episode 919: Caribou Is Possible To Join The Straw Hat!


Wano country arc act two’s development gets more exciting with the latest One Piece episode 919. It’s so nice to lớn see the Straw hats in kích hoạt in the previous few chapters. But what is the most exciting must be the rivalry/cooperation in Udon prison by Luffy & Kid.

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We cannot compare their rivalry with Roger và Whitebeard or Shiki. Let’s just say they have a story of their own. Although Oda likes to vì foreshadow things, he also makes his characters very unique. Anyway, kích hoạt aside, fans may have noticed a familiar face in the previous episode và he will be the center of this article.


Episode summary

Before we dive into the main topic, let us have a quick reviews in the most recent episode of One Piece. The whole chapter revolves around Luffy and Kid’s state and actions in Udon prison. It should be so as the episode is titled after them. However, some parts of this episode will prove important later on.

We’ve been shown the Straw hats in action, & that part of the story will roll in the coming chapters. First, Kudos to Nami for getting hãng sản xuất intel about weapons delivery. It will be a great help to lớn the alliance. Sanji, on the other hand, may need lớn up his game of recruiting more samurai lớn join their cause.
Going back to Udon prison, Luffy finally made contact with Hyo. Manga readers know full well what Hyo’s role in Luffy’s upgrade will be. But it’s just the beginning of a series of exciting events in the current arc. One more thing to watch for is Caribou’s appearance and role in the upcoming war.

How Caribou ended up in Udon prison

For the benefit of those who don’t know, Caribou was featured in a cover story in the manga during the Dressrosa arc. Before his appearance in One Piece episode 919, Caribou was last seen in the Fishman Island arc. After being beaten up by Luffy, Caribou encountered Pekoms with whom he also suffered defeat.

Unwilling to leave the underwater island empty-handed, Caribou started kidnapping mermaids again, only to be caught and subdued by Jinbei. He was then brought khổng lồ the G-5 marine base where his crew attempted to lớn save him. When things went south, Caribou elected to leave his crew behind & escape by himself.Sailing alone, he ended up on an island after his ship sank due lớn a violent storm. There he was nursed by an old lady who later revealed that Caribou strikingly resembles her grandson, Gaburu, who led a small revolutionary group on their island.

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Later, his crew arrived at the island & together with Caribou và Gaburu’s followers, they defeated Iron Boy Scotch of the Beast Pirates. The citizen seemed to have been forced khổng lồ labor in a weapons factory which Caribou later swallowed using his devil fruit ability. After their victory, Caribou was defeated & taken away by X Drake.


Caribou’s role in the upcoming war

Caribou knows his abilities and limitations. Seeing first hand Luffy’s strength on several occasions, he would team up with him lớn escape. That’s exactly what happened later in the manga. He will have more contributions that will help Luffy and the others later.

What I want to lớn focus on now, however, is what else he can contribute to lớn the upcoming war. First is weapons. The alliance is in great need of weapons to arm whoever will join their cause. The rest of the Straw hats and their allies will surely find more weapons, but Caribou can contribute khổng lồ it too.

Remember the weapons factory that he swallowed with his numa-numa no mi? Those will be great additions lớn their arsenal. Aside from that, since he can store anything infinitely in his body, he can be used to carry thousands of soldiers and weapons for easier và more subtle infiltration, which was the plan all along.

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