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6struyenky.vn Sankyo also supplies parts lớn the lachạy thử smartphones and network servers that support society.

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Motor-related commercial products

6struyenky.vn Sankyo supplies a large number of home page appliances such as refrigerators,washing machines, air conditioners, and water heaters.



Magnetic card reader

6struyenky.vn Sankyo is the world"s top manufacturer of magnetic thẻ readers used in ATMs.We provide card readers khổng lồ ATMs và payment terminals around the world.



Special robot for transporting liquid crystal glass & semiconductor wafers

The liquid crystal consists of the display screens of smartphones và TVs.We supply robots that transport LCD glass substrates to lớn the production plant.6struyenky.vn Sankyo"s glass transfer robots have a global market tóm tắt of over 80%.We are also expanding khổng lồ semiconductor wafer transfer robots.



Products & Technology

This page shows 6struyenky.vn 6struyenky.vn-sankyo"s products và technology.

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Company Information

This pages shows our corporate philosophy, management policy & vision, & corporate history, as well as information on major bases & materials procurement.


Contact Us

This page shows tương tác information on our products, material procurement, employment opportunities, etc.

Introduction of 6struyenky.vn SANKYO.

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There is many something for which the smart phone, the television, the refrigerator, the washing machine và the oto everybody toàn thân is usually using use motor công nghệ of 6struyenky.vn SANKYO. We get those for everybody, và we"re helping you with commercialization by a motor & a motor associated part in a very cthảm bại sản phẩm. There is a sản phẩm line-up of 6struyenky.vn SANKYO from several milimet of motor lớn several m of large special robot. When we say in a word, it "moves", the company which designs và changes a life. Introduction of the strong point work of 6struyenky.vn SANKYO. The following goods are being developed & produced using core giải pháp công nghệ about the driving mechanism which made the motor & the motor a core khổng lồ customer"s individual request.● Precise small motor We offer the small motor which produced development to lớn smart phone, game machine, PC, washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner, water heater, office equipment & oto.● The driving mechanism module which made the motor core Custom development produces the module which combined driving mechanism with a motor, water-cooled small pump, opening & shutting valve sầu, ice machine, that, we offer a module part lớn a trang chủ electric appliance of all over the world, car & smart phone.● Precise molded parts A thiết kế is producing the resin gear used by office equipment & trang chủ electric appliance và automotive precise molded parts of the in-vehicle lens at a factory in world all part.● The card reader included in finance, commerce and business terminal A top manufacturer of the card reader represented by an ATM. We offer the thẻ reader who has developed it khổng lồ an ATM in all over the world & a settlement terminal.● Liquid crystal glass semiconductor wafers conveyance special robot It"s a top manufacturer of global market mô tả more than 80% by glass transfer robot of the liquid crystal factory which makes smart phone & a television indication screen. Semiconductor wafers transfer robot in addition to lớn glass transfer robot is also developing.

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