Pc cheats and secrets

Press to lớn display the two player message box, type one of the following cheat codes, then press again lớn activate the corresponding cheat function. The message "Cheat Code Enabled" will appear lớn confirm correct code entry.

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TenthLevelTaurenChieftainplays a special song
allyourbasearebelongtousInstant victory
daylightsavings Set time of the day
daylightsavingsToggle daylight progression
greedisgood #Receive sầu # gold và lumber
greedisgoodReceive sầu 500 gold and lumber
iocainepowderFast death/decay
iseedeadpeopleRemove sầu fog of war
itvexesmeDisable victory conditions
keysersoze #Receive # gold
keysersozeReceive sầu 500 gold
leafittome #Receive sầu # lumber
leafittomeReceive sầu 500 lumber
lightsoutSet time khổng lồ dusk
motherlvà Level select
pointbreakRemoves food limit
riseandshineSet time khổng lồ dawn
sharpandshinyResearch upgrades
somebodysetupusthebombInstant defeat
strengthandhonorDisable defeat conditions
synergyDisable tech tree requirements
thedudeabidesInstant spell cool-down
thereisnospoonUnlimited mana
warptenSpeeds construction of buildings & units
whoisjohngaltFast research
whosyourdaddyGod mode + 1-hit kills
iseeyourichunlimited health
mercyuspleasesummons giant hydra and dragons khổng lồ aid you in your battle
sparemylifeheroesyou can piông xã your heroes khổng lồ add it into your altar of heroes
ineedyourhelpsummons a doom guard with no time limit
respecthemallyou cam pick any heroes then add it your altar of heroes
wewantowinsummons 3 giant dragons
wewantyourpowersummons 5 sasquatch
blackdemosumtháng 10 treant
thereisnotemplesummons a 1 furbolg ursa warrior và 3 furbolg tracker
godlikesumtháng 1 dark wizard
killthemallunlimited cool-down spell
iamherereturn to your base in no time
iseeyourpeopleyou can build rồng roost in your base
iseeyouyou can build mercenary camp in your base
returntoyourbaseyou can sumtháng detháng gate in your base
wewantyourlifeyou can build detháng gate with no time limit
whythisunlimited spelling
whosyourmomsummons 4 flesh golem with no time limit
iwantyourhelpsummon doom guard level 10 with no time limit
whosyourmomsummon 4 fleash golem with no time limit
Iwantyourhelpsummon doom guard màn chơi 10 with no time limit
wewanttowinsummons 3 giant dragons

Submitted by: public enemy, fireants94, johndhrel, jasper78 on Jul 07, 2003Verified by: Andy B, jaybharadia
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2 Paladins: Nearly Unstoppable
If you & a friend are both playing as humans, you can take advantage of the spell available lớn the Paladin, Holy Light. This heals the target unit by a large amount of hit points.If two of these beings go inkhổng lồ battle, then they can dish out damage & heal each other continually.
Submitted by: Mishtram on Jan 18, 2006
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Aura"s: What Do They Do?
Aura"s are incredibly useful magical additions khổng lồ any unit in the game. Working constantly, an aura gives some type of increase lớn your character (typically) or vice versa (I can"t bring any to the mind at the moment) they can change the course of battle if you have sầu about equal amount of power in your men. If you see the chance to lớn upgrade, và turn your nose at the opportunity to change armour by so much as one point, remember this; It will be effecting about đôi mươi units. Now, is it worth it?

Submitted by: Mishtram on Jan 18, 2006
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Banshee: Let"s Beat Yourself With a Club!
After your banshees have been fully upgrade, they are able lớn Posess enemy units. Although this sounds like some five-second-enemy-fights-for-you sort of thing, it is not. It is a full fledged possession, after which the Banshee is destroyed.The unit is then loyal to you và only khổng lồ you, và can always be a great addition khổng lồ any battle, especially if it was something along the lines of a powerful creep. Be warned, there is a màn chơi cap on what you can possess. So if you try lớn take a màn chơi six ogre over on the field, expect to fail. Also, rethành viên, Banshee"s are made with curse on autocast. If you plan on using one of the Banshee"s for possession, turn it off. They use all the mamãng cầu they have sầu lớn possess. This also means that just made Banshees are not adequate for instant possession, as they vày not have full mana.
Submitted by: Mishtram on Jan 19, 2006
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Base Defense: Towers Are Not Alwys Enough
Although you can simply say the need for defenders lớn be able to at least move in times of crisis (excluding the nightelves, who"s towers will lift out of the ground khổng lồ beat them) is a good enough reason for you to have sầu alternate defense, và that those ground support troops have sầu abilities & advantages unavailable lớn towers, there is one thing that puts the need for them above all. Bastillas, Steam Tanks, etc, all have greater ranges than towers và can easily destroy them. Always leave sầu a small group of warriors behind khổng lồ handle that Bastilla. If you bởi vì not think your troops could survive beyond that, hide behind the towers và the rest will be taken care of.
Submitted by: Mishtram on Jan 18, 2006
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Blight and the Advantages
Blight is made whenever a Necropolis is built nearby, which causes the ground to lớn break & die. Same with the gold mines. If any buildings are built closer lớn the edge, then the blight will widen. If it touches trees, then they, too, will die, although they will still be able khổng lồ produce lumber.Any undead standing or hovering over the blight will regenerate health faster . Blight disappears when buildings of another race is built upon it or near it.
Submitted by: Mishtram on Jan 18, 2006
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Blood Elf Campaign mission 06
This mission is very simple if you learn how lớn take advantage of the Dranei"s permanent invisibility. Situate them side-by-side so that they bloông chồng passageways to your Blood Elf mini-base. By doing so, the fel orcs are trapped as they can"t see invisibility and bởi not possess ranged units. This allows you to complete this mission at your leisure.
Submitted by: Acrimony on Dec 12, 2004Verified by: jasper78
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Campaign Tips
Secret tower cấp độ In the third Human mission, where you need lớn escape a prison with the Elves, there is an entrance to lớn a secret cấp độ. Around the horizontal center of the maps, there is a winding corridor with several rooms you need khổng lồ go inkhổng lồ in order khổng lồ get the power-ups & equipment. Look closely around the middle of the map to lớn find a room. You need khổng lồ bust through a door lớn get inside. The room has three different colored sheep surrounded by energy. In front of them are push-panels. When they are pushed, the corresponding sheep will say either "Bah", "Ram" or "Ewe". Push the panels in the following order: Bah, Ram, Ewe. You will get a door lớn a secret tower defense màn chơi after that mission.Secret Orc level Select the "Custom Campaign" option at the menu, then choose the "Exodus Of The Horde". The game wukk launch a screen with the selection of the first cấp độ. This extra campaign takes place after Thrall leaves Lorderon, but before Kalimdor.Grank The Rat In the fourth Night Elf mission, Wrath Of The Betrayer, at the top left side of the map is a small garden and a fountain that only Maiev can visit. Use your Blink-spell lớn get to it. In there, you can find a rat with the name "Grank the Rat", which has 100% Evasion & Spell Immunity. Therefore, you cannot kill it. Also in the Night Elf mission where you have khổng lồ escort the runner lớn the escape point, in the upper left corner of the maps near the escape point is a creature named "Grank the Rat", who cannot be killed by normal means. In order khổng lồ kill Grank, you must continuously cliông xã on him until he explodes. He will drop a Talisman of Evasion which supplies a 15% evasion rate.The Pandaren Brewmaster Play the Night Elf mission where you have sầu to lớn escort the runner. In the lower left corner in the very bachồng of the map is a Pandaeran relaxation area. A Brewmaster is here. He will spout some gibberish và drop Slippers Of Agility.BloodFeast The Abomination & The Zombie Master On the Undead mission, The Flight From Lordearon, you can re-summon a Zombie Master and BloodFeast the Abomination near the end. On this mission you find a Staff of Animate somewhere (not hidden). You will find a room with Necromancers summoning something, and a few enemies such as Ghouls và Crypt Fiends. Kill them, then go on the pile of where the Necromancers were summoning and use the Staff lớn sumtháng a Zombie Master for sixty seconds to help you fight. BloodFeast the Abomination can be summoned the same way.Giant Penguin In the fourth Undead mission, The Return To Nothrend, you will find a giant penguin in the left corner on the isl& that you started on. Kill the guarding sea lions và destroy the tent so you can approach it. Then, kill the penguin itself. You will get a Ring Of Superiority. A normal penguin will spawn next lớn it. You can kill it, but it will not give sầu you anything.Hidden items Destroy huts, tents, or other homes. Some of them will have hidden items such as Scroll of Town Portals, Potions of Mana, etc. Piông chồng them up for later use.Drunken Panda picture Successfully complete all the levels in the "Secret tower level" to lớn see a picture of the Drunken Pandomain authority along with what seems to lớn be his daughter. Then in the next chapter, you can use him to help.Guard names In the prison mission, you will find various humorously named guards, such as one called Trogdor. It is interesting that he is burninated almost immediately after you see him. Other guards will have sầu names lượt thích Seth, Marcus, or Troy.Diablo reference In the last Human mission, Lord of the Outland, where you need lớn assault the Lord"s castle, you can find the Butcher and Wirt"s other leg (from Diablo) just northwest of where you start. The Butcher will also say the same sentence, that he did in Diablo, "Fresh meat".WarCraft 3 reference In the first Undead mission, King Arthas, you can find Little Timmy from the original WarCraft 3. He is in the woods, left of the town which is northwest of the three Altars. Little Timmy will sell you some Ice Shards, which are useful both later in the game & the campaign.

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Submitted by: XbOxGuru on Feb 28, 2006Verified by: Harry-Potter
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Charging Forth is Not Always the Best Option
Remember that your siege units bởi vì splash damage. That means that if they are targeting units your other units are fighting, your own units will take damage as well. That means making sure those mechanical units keep their eyes on the buildings và not on the units.
Submitted by: Mishtram on Jan 19, 2006
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it is good to lớn maintain in control the entire game, if you let your opponent get ahead of you then you will be trying to lớn catch up & it will be very hard, always have sầu good defenses
Submitted by: Dark_One1013 on Dec 04, 2004
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Control all Races On Same Game.
This cheat will not work in campaign:1/.First start off with the Undead race.2/.Build a Temple Of The Damned then fully tăng cấp the Banshee to lớn use posses.3/.With your Banshee posses another races worker & your done.ex- 4/.mở cửa the build key on the possesed unit & it should enable you to all the races buildings.

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- You can also choose your favorite heroe"s from each race !- There is a limit of only 3 heroes regardless of how many races you control.

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