These days, people are spending a lot of time in their browsers khổng lồ get things done, whether for work, school or something else. & while some write out a formal to-do menu to keep track of tasks, for others, their to-do danh sách is their tabs in Chrome. However you get things done, we want Chrome khổng lồ help you be more productive. Today we’re sharing a number of improvements, including tabs that load faster and new features that let you organize & find them easily. 

Get more done, with 10 percent faster tabs in Chrome

When you’re checking off one task after another from your to-do list, waiting even a few seconds while your tabs load can slow you down. These under-the-hood performance improvements will make your Chrome tabs load up lớn 10 percent faster. 

Group your tabs, then collapse them

Tab groups help you visually distinguish your tabs by topic or task—like work or shopping—or even priority. Now you can collapse & expand your tab groups, so it's easier to see the ones you need lớn access. This was the most popular feature request we heard from those of you using tab groups, and as we begin rolling out this functionality, we hope you’ll give it a try.

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New touch-friendly tabs for tablet mode

If you use Chrome in your laptop’s tablet mode, you’ll soon have an easier time flipping through your tabs, finding the page you’re looking for, and browsing the web. Coming khổng lồ Chromebooks first, a new touchscreen interface has tabs that are larger and more practical to organize, and hide when you don’t need them.


Switch to an already-open tab

Rolling out on game android in this release, when you start typing a page title into the address bar, you’ll see a suggestion to switch khổng lồ that tab if you already have it open. You can already vì this in Chrome on your laptop.


Find your tab faster with tab previews

It can be frustrating to lớn click through multiple tabs trying to find the one you want. Coming to Chrome Beta to try out this release, you can hover over a tab và quickly see a thumbnail preview of the page. This is useful when you have lots of tabs that look the same (how did I kết thúc up with this many Google Docs tabs, anyway?).

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Fill out & save PDFs in Chrome

In this Chrome release, we’re also going beyond tabs to lớn improve Chrome’s PDF functionality. Over the next few weeks, you’ll be able khổng lồ fill out PDF forms and save them with your inputs, directly from Chrome. If you open the tệp tin again, you can pick up where you left off.


URL sharing made easier

For game android users, we’ve improved URL sharing khổng lồ help you quickly copy a link, send it to Chrome on your other devices, & send links through other apps. You can also print the page or generate a QR code to lớn scan or download. This new QR code feature is also rolling out to lớn Chrome on desktop & can be accessed from a new QR icon in the Chrome address bar.

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We hope all these updates will make it easier và faster to browse và get things done in Chrome. We prioritize keeping Chrome stable, so features sometimes take time until they roll out to every browser. Follow us on Twitter lớn get the latest updates on feature rollout.

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