Nobody toàn thân in the Jujutsu Kaisen fandom thought that Choso would be a character with huge narrative potential. He was just seen as a small-fry wanting lớn avenge his brothers’ deaths. However, Choso quickly became a fan-favorite onii-chan, his scenes with Yuji bringing delight.

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The running gag of the relationship between Yuji và Choso rose from a popular người theory. This theory said Yuji possesses Memory Manipulation, based on his interactions with Todo & Choso. But, to the dismay of all fans who supported it, Gege Akutangươi himself busted it in an interview.

If there was no Memory Manipulation, why does Choso believe sầu Yuji is his brother? Are they really related?

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What was different about Choso’s condition?
Why did Choso feel a connection khổng lồ Yuji?

What was different about Choso’s condition?

Tobởi vì and Choso both saw false memories regarding Yuji being someone cthua thảm khổng lồ them. But their condition differs a bit. Unlike Tovày, Choso was not immediately convinced just by the memory he saw. It threw him off, for sure, but he did not immediately accept Yuji as his brother.

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He was in an existential crisis in chapter 133. The false memory was shocking imagery for Choso. Someone who killed his brother shares his own blood? A stranger appearing out of nowhere in the memory of their family picnic, even speaking to hlặng as his brother.


The woman possessed by the Brain was married lớn Itadori Jin. It also seems lượt thích this woman replaced a woman named Kaori, who was possibly the earlier wife. But, we know that the Brain takes only calculated actions. So, this possession raises a lot of questions.

We know that as Kamo, the Brain was fond of experimentation & failed to produce a proper hybrid of curse và human. So, did it try a h& at it again in the Itadori family? Is Yuji a successful experiment? That could also explain why Yuji has such superhuman strength. But just who was the lady the Brain possessed?

TL;DR, since Choso và Yuji chia sẻ a parent, they are technically brothers. Actually, we could go to lớn the extent of calling them step-brothers. But, it is not confirmed if Yuji is a Cursed Womb Death Painting or not. There are 9 Death Paintings, and all of them are accounted for. Yuji is merely their 10th brother, but it is possible that he is a successful experiment instead. Perhaps Choso’s memory triggered the connection he has with his brothers.

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