Facebook bans firm behind turning point's election troll farm


Facebook can become a cesspool of negative, offensive sầu, and depressing commentary when left to lớn its own devices. Here"s how you can survive sầu it.

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Jam Kotenko


Published Sep 30, 2019Updated May trăng tròn, 2021, 2:33 am CDT

Nearly everyone has a Facebook tài khoản, và people use it for all sorts of things: watching videos with the sound off, looking at your bestie’s vacation pics, or just talking khổng lồ friends and family who live sầu far away. But a lot of younger users tend to lớn favor other social truyền thông media platforms these days. Why? Because of the garbage that overwhelms the News Feed. As if the borked algorithm isn’t annoying enough to lớn khuyến mãi with, users also have sầu khổng lồ sift crappy comments. Luckily, you can start hiding comments on Facebook.

Rather than logging out or deleting the tiện ích entirely, there are quichồng và easy ways of cleaning up the comments section on Facebook.

Before we get into it, however, here’s a quichồng tutorial on the difference between hiding a bình luận, deleting a comment, và reporting a comment.

Hide, delete, or report?

Hiding comments on Facebook will simply make the comment disappear from your point of view—the person who posted it as well as any common friends you tóm tắt with them will still be able khổng lồ view it. You can hide a Facebook phản hồi from specific people, lượt thích an ex or your parents. You can hide Facebook comments that have sầu grammatical errors. Basically, when you don’t lượt thích a comment but aren’t sure if you want it gone forever, this is the solution.

Deleting the bình luận will remove sầu it completely và forever, so be sure you really want it gone before choosing this option! You, the person who posted it, and the friends you have sầu in comtháng will no longer be able lớn see it. You can delete duplicate comments. You can delete comments that spoil TV shows, books, or movies. You can delete comments that blurt out your secrets without your consent. These are instances where hiding a bình luận option may not be enough.

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Finally, reporting a phản hồi is reserved for comments that are truly, irrevocably offensive sầu. It subjects the bình luận to lớn Facebook for further review và if it does violate Facebook’s standards for acceptable nội dung, it will be deleted. (Here’s more information on reporting things on Facebook.)


Now that we’re clear on the terms, we can talk specifically about hiding a bình luận on Facebook.

Cleaning up Facebook comments via browser

Hiding comments on your personal Facebook timeline through your website browser is actually pretty straightforward. Click on “Comment” under the post in question to lớn exp& the reply section. When you find a comment you’d rather not see, hover your cursor khổng lồ the right of it until you see the three dots. Clicking on the three dots will give sầu you the option lớn either “Delete” or “Hide comment”.



If you find that you would rather not read some of the Facebook comments that appear on other people’s posts, not to lớn worry, you can also hide comments on your contacts’ posts. More importantly, you can also hide comments on nội dung posted by Facebook pages you follow. (Goodbye, trolls!)

You can vì chưng it through your website browser by once again hovering your cursor lớn the right of the bình luận, tapping on the three dots, và clicking “Hide comment”.


Same rules apply as above: You’re the only one who remains oblivious lớn the hidden comment; everytoàn thân else can still see it. You can also unhide it whenever you want. The only thing that changes is you cannot delete the phản hồi yourself. You can, however, report the comment lớn Facebook, as a last resort.

Hiding Facebook comments via the Facebook app

To get started, tap “Comment” on the post khổng lồ show you all the comments posted in reaction to lớn it. Long press the comment you want lớn hide khổng lồ pull up the menu & tap “Hide phản hồi.”

Once you vì this, the bình luận will be replaced with a notice that says “This bình luận has been hidden” và will remain in the bình luận section of the post, but it will be grayed out. And just like in the web browser, you can also unhide it: Simply long-press the grayed-out message & choose “Unhide comment.”

If the comment you wish khổng lồ hide is in the comment section of a Facebook page you follow or a friend’s post, you can follow the same procedure as above: Long press on the phản hồi & choose “Hide phản hồi.” You can unhide it if & when you want to lớn see the comment again. Again, if the bình luận goes beyond the normal màn chơi of offensive, you can choose lớn report it.

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Jam Kotenko

Jam Kotenko is a giải pháp công nghệ reporter who specializes in coverage of Instagram, Facebook, và other social media apps. Her work has been published by Digital Trends, Bustle, & Gotta Be di động.

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