Redeem A Steam Gift Card Or Wallet Code

Are you one of the many gamers who download and play games via the Steam platform? Not only that, bởi vì you enjoy playing games for free? If your answer is yes khổng lồ both questions, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll tóm tắt with you a list we’ve compiled containing different ways you can earn không tính phí Steam Wallet codes for your gaming needs. With these codes, you’ll be able to buy various games on your Steam wishlist without actually spending any money.

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This may seem too good to be true, but all you need is a PC or máy vi tính and an mạng internet connection. The process is quite easy as well, as all you’ll need to bởi vì is complete surveys & watch online videos. Whether you’re completely sold or you’re still on the fence, we recommend that you keep reading until the kết thúc to learn more.

What Is Steam?

For those who are unfamiliar with Steam, it is a digital storefront or platform wherein you can buy và play video games. It’s an incredibly popular platform alongside Epic Games, GOG, và other similar storefronts.

10 Ways to lớn Get Steam Wallet Codes for Free


If you’re interested in earning gift cards and codes for free, SurveyJunkie is one of the best places to go. It’s a fan-favorite platform wherein you sign up and do simple tasks such as playing games, answering surveys, watching videos, and the like in exchange for points. You can then exchange these points for whatever you want, such as Steam Wallet gift cards.


Next on our danh mục is called LifePoints, và it’s also another popular site for earning cash and gift cards for free. Just lượt thích SurveyJunkie, you just need to complete a couple of tasks & earn points. It’s one of the more trustworthy sites out there, so we highly recommend LifePoints.

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We can’t talk about GPT sites without mentioning SwagBucks! It’s another fantastic website for earning rewards, so you should definitely check it out if you want lớn get your hands on free Steam Wallet codes. The platform’s currency is known as “Swags,” and you can have them exchanged for whatever you want.

Vindale Research

If you’re from Europe or the United Kingdom, then you need to kiểm tra out Vindale Research. The platform has over 40 million users across the globe, which goes to show just how reliable và popular it is among its users. Similar lớn the other sites mentioned above, all you need to bởi vì is sign up for an account và start doing simple tasks.


If you don’t mind repeatedly doing and completing simple surveys, then you might want to try out PrizeRebel. The website has over 8 million members & so far, it has already paid over $17 million to these users. Your tasks are as simple as answering surveys and giving your honest opinion about various topics. As soon as you complete a survey, you’ll immediately earn points that you can later convert into Steam Wallet gift cards.

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GrabPoints is a platform that can help you earn quick cash when you want. The site works very similarly khổng lồ PrizeRebel, but it has some other features that make it different as well. For instance, you can thử nghiệm out apps, watch some TV, download apps, và more. You’ll earn points in exchange for doing these random tasks.


With GiftHulk, you can earn quick cash just by watching videos, playing certain games, completing tasks, và others. With every successful completion of these tasks, you’ll earn what they call “Hulk Coins.” You can then redeem these coins in exchange for gift cards.



MyPoints is another reliable way to lớn get Steam Wallet codes for free, & the first step is lớn register an account. It’s a daily rewards program, so signing up is very important. You can bởi various tasks as well, such as conducting surveys and playing games khổng lồ earn points.

Just lượt thích all the others mentioned, you’ll have to accumulate enough points first before you can redeem your preferred reward.


eBonus pays the users in coins, which you can use to lớn redeem gift cards & the like. All you need to vì chưng is complete tasks, such as watching live streams & answering surveys. EBonus has quite a lot of positive reviews online, so it’s worth checking out.


Last but not least, we highly recommend that you check out the AppNana app. It’s a miễn phí platform that you can use for earning miễn phí Steam Wallet codes. All you need to vày is tải về third-party apps from AppNana’s sponsors in order to lớn earn points. Of course, you have khổng lồ use the apps you download for a certain amount of time. Afterward, AppNana will automatically reward your wallet with points that you can redeem for Steam Wallet codes.

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Free Steam Wallet Codes That Still Work



With the tips mentioned above, you’ll never have to lớn feel like you won’t be able lớn buy và play the games you want ever again. The platforms we listed above are không tính phí and simple lớn use, not to mention reliable.