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Author: iTzSTU4RT Build Jayce with confidence with the help of 6struyenky.vn"s build guides. Whether you are completely new khổng lồ Jayce or looking to refine your playstyle, we will help you take your Wild Rift game to the next level. Learn Jayce"s abilities in detail, the best items lớn build, which skills to level first, và more. Jayce is ranked Tier S+ (Solo Lane) in our Champion Tier List

JayceThe Defender of Tomorrow
Recommended RoleSolo Lane
Solo BuildS+ Mid BuildS

Jayce is a top lane fighter. Jayce has 2 different forms (Ranged and Melee). His Mercury Cannon is his ranged form and his Mercury Hammer is his melee form. Each khung has separate abilities meaning that he has 6 abilities available to him at level 3! Jayce is the definition of a lane bully. With his 6 abilities, he can poke, engage & kill the enemy champions. When you reach the late game with Jayce, you can use his poke lớn target the enemy carries và jump onto them to giảm giá insane amounts of damage.

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Jayce can also be played in the mid lane và jungle, make sure to kiểm tra the alternative build at the vị trí cao nhất of the page! The build with Jayce mid lane và jungle is the same as Solo lane, there is not much else that is different in terms of play styles, build etc.

Transforming between the Mercury Hammer & Mercury Cannon grants bonus movement tốc độ for just over a second. There is quite a long cooldown when switching between melee & ranged form so be careful!

Jayce leaps to an enemy, dealing physical damage & slowing nearby enemies for a few seconds. This is Jayce"s gap-closing ability that allows him to lớn jump on the backline easily.

This does however put you in a pretty dangerous spot to get focused và take a lot of damage so make sure you are wary of your surroundings before jumping in.

Jayce fires an orb that detonates on hitting an enemy or reaching the kết thúc of its path, dealing physical damage. This is Jayce"s main poke ability that can be used khổng lồ great effect in the laning phase and can be combo"d with Acceleration Gate (3rd Ability) so the orb can travel farther và faster, dealing increased damage.

This ability has 2 parts. A passive & an active. The passive is when Jayce is in Melee form (Mercury Hammer) his attacks restore mana. The active releases an electrifying aura, dealing magic damage over a few seconds to lớn nearby enemies.

This ability is best used just after lớn The Skies (1st Ability) as you will be on đứng đầu of the enemy when you leap towards them so you can make the most out of the damage that Lighting Field brings.

Jayce gains a burst of energy, increasing Attack tốc độ for 3 attacks within a few seconds. This is best used when trying lớn poke doesn"t the enemy as it does a lot of damage in such a short duration, but be careful as it doesn"t have the biggest range so you can get caught out.

You can also use this ability when trying khổng lồ push minion waves as quickly as possible so the enemy misses out on some experience và gold.

Jayce knocks a target & enemies near them backwards, dealing magic damage. Most of the time you want khổng lồ save this ability and only use it to knock enemies away when you are in danger. However, you can also use this ability in bộ combo with Flash to lớn knock the enemy towards your team.

This is effective when the enemy carry is out of position, you can use to lớn The Skies (1st Ability) khổng lồ jump on top of the enemy & then use the Flash + Thundering Blow bộ combo to knock the enemy carry into your team.

Jayce deploys an Acceleration Gate that grants decaying movement speed for a few seconds khổng lồ yourself và ally champions that pass through it. This is very effective when you & the team are ready to engage.

You will all get a huge burst of movement speed that will not only help you but the rest of your team. You can bộ combo Accelereration Gate with Shock Blase (1st Ability) dealing more damage và allowing Shock Blasts lớn travel farther & faster.

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This is Jayce"s ranged form. The next attack with the Mercury Cannon when transformed is empowered to khuyến mãi additional magic damage và reduce the target"s Armor and Magic Resist for a few seconds.

For most of the game, you want to stay in Ranged size as long as possible because you can do a lot of poke damage not only in the laning phase but in team fights as well.

This is Jayce"s Melee form. When transformed Jayce gains Attack Speed, Armor and Magic Resist. The next attack with the Mercury Hammer when transformed is empowered to khuyến mãi additional magic damage.

Only use Mercury Hammer when you want to jump in and giảm giá a lot of burst damage khổng lồ the enemy champion.

Jayce uses a mixture of both damage & tank items that work well khổng lồ help with his damage và keep him alive for longer. Hullbreaker is a great first sản phẩm for Jayce. It gives him a lot of attack damage và Health và gives him resistances (more when in melee form) when he is by himself in the laning phase. Serylda"s Grudge is another great cửa nhà that helps Jayce deal damage and slow enemies with his abilities. This is really effective when in range form using his Acceleration Gate + Shock Blast combo.

For runes we have the following:

Jayce is a fighter so he wants to get in the enemies face và attack constantly. With Conqueror, Jayce can stack up pretty fast with all of his abilities và auto-attacks. Which means he can giảm giá khuyến mãi more damage và get a lot of physical vamp when fully stacked

With Jayce you will be in a lot of team fights jumping onto the backline trying lớn kill the enemy carries so dealing extra damage will always help and Jayce restores health every time he gets a takedown.

Nullifying Orb is a great rune that gives Jayce a shield that absorbs incoming damage when he drops low on health. This will help you survive that little bit longer so you can escape khổng lồ safety or go in for the killing blow.

Demolish works well with champions that love to lớn split push and build Hullbreaker like Jayce. It helps you push and destroy towers very quickly which can give you và your team a huge advantage.

For summoner spells, Flash is a must on most champions. It’s a great spell to lớn get out of a sticky situation or if you"re trying to lớn go in for the killing blow! For the 2nd spell, it"s best to go for Barrier. This helps Jayce survive especially if he gets into any trouble. If you want to play more aggressively và go in for kills, you can change your summoner spell to lớn Ignite.

Early Game

Jayce is one of the best Early game champions in the Baron Lane. You want khổng lồ play as aggressively as possible using both his Ranged and Melee forms khổng lồ full effect. At màn chơi 3 you have 6 abilities available to lớn you. When in ranged form, use Acceleration Gate and Shock Blast lớn poke down the enemy champion và when they get low enough, you can change khổng lồ Melee form and use To The Skies to jump on đứng đầu and giảm giá the killing blow.

Late Game

Once you get to lớn the late game và Jayce has his bộ vi xử lý core items, this is where you can become unstoppable with his poke and insane burst damage. When you are grouped with your team và about to have a teamfight, the best thing you want to vày is poke down and jump onto the enemy backline where you can kill the main enemy carries. Always look at opportunities where you can change khổng lồ your Melee khung to jump in và burst the enemies to get an advantage for your team.

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Overall Jayce is a very flexible and versatile champion that can be played in many different ways. It can be hard to lớn play Jayce at first when there are so many abilities available but with a bit of practice you can pick him up and dominate your opponents.

Thank you for reading this guide! Feel không tính phí to follow me and ask any questions on:

Good luck on the rift summoners!


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