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Từ điển Collocation

context noun

ADJ. broad, general, larger, overall, wider You can"t just look at it in terms of the immediate problem. You"ve got lớn see it in a wider context. | narrow | immediate A work which transcends its immediate historical context & speaks khổng lồ later generations. | correct, proper, real, right | appropriate, realistic, relevant lớn present examples of language in use in an appropriate context | certain, given, particular, specific These actions only have meaning within certain specific contexts. | original | changed, changing, different, new, novel | meaningful Children need meaningful contexts for their work in science. | neutral | contemporary, modern | everyday, normal | global, international, local, national, regional | human It is natural lớn find conflict in the work environment, in the family, or any other human context. | communicative, conversational | experimental, practical, theoretical | classroom, school | business, commercial, cultural, economic, educational, fictional, geographical, historical, legal, literary, political, religious, social | Christian, Islamic, etc. | African, Asian, etc.

VERB + CONTEXT offer (sb), provide (sb with) Institutions provide a context in which individuals can take on different roles. | place sth in, put sth into, mix sth in This speech needs khổng lồ be phối in the context of Britain in the 1960s. | consider/examine/look at/see/understand/view sth in His decision can only be understood in context. | quote sth out of, take sth out of Her reply was quoted out of context và seemed lớn mean something quite different from what she had intended.

PREP.. in (a/the) ~ Similar problems have arisen in other contexts. | within a/the ~ You"ve sầu got to look at these remarks within the context of the recent scandals. | ~ for a neutral context for sharing và debating ideas

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