Designed in 1983 by Robert Hillberg, the Compact Off-Duty Police or COP pistol is my favorite “solution in tìm kiếm of a problem.” The 28 ounce, all stainless, top loading derringer was ostensibly created as a back-up gun for police in the days when magnum wheel guns reigned supreme.

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This was the best group of the day at seven yards, và was the last group with the Winchester. No, I’m not just a terrible shot. I have shot tighter groups at twenty yards with my LCP2.

Three of those rounds key-holed at seven yards. Everything consistently key-holed from the top two barrels, except for the MagTech ammo, which would have shot the best group had all four rounds fired. This was the only group where one of the bottom barrels key-holed. This gun showed a svào preference for the two 125 grain offerings.


So, does the COP pistol deserve sầu the hate it gets? Yes và no. The two most often derided characteristics, recoil and trigger pull, are nowhere near as bad as people clayên. However, accuracy is abysmal và reliability is more dependent on ammo selection than any auto-loader I have sầu ever owned.

I don’t feel that the gun is reliable enough or accurate enough for carry, except maybe as a last ditch bad breath distance holdout with carefully selected ammo. Maybe.

So why bởi I lượt thích it? First off, it looks cool. Secondly, it is insanely fun to lớn shoot, even as picky as it is. The COPhường is a blast, or four. Usually.

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Specifications: COPhường Compact Off-Duty Police Pistol

Calibers: .38SPC/.357MagnumAction: DAO top loading derringerBarrel length: 3.1 inchesOverall Length: 5.5 inchesOverall Width: 1.062 inchesOverall height: 4.1 inchesWeight: 28 oz.Sights: Fixed StainlessFinish: StainlessCapacity: 4 RoundsPrice: About $900+ online. I paid $500 several years ago.

Ratings (out of 5 stars):

Accuracy: *With most ammo I would half expect one round to lớn miss, even at contact distance. Find a round it likes & it will kind of vì its job, most of the time.

Ergonomics: * * *Don’t expect a four-finger grip, and you won’t be too disappointed. The rounded edges fit my h& quite well, and it points naturally. The only issue with the kiến thiết is the weight.

Reliability: * *If you find a round it likes, this could be four stars. It will go bang every time with the right food. Finding that round is the hard part, though, and most of what you shoot will likely give sầu you fits. Finding a round that’s 100% reliable và won’t key-hole is a lofty goal, indeed.

Customization: *I saw blaông chồng grips for the COP online once.

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Overall: * * 1/2If you lượt thích that futuristic-according-to-the-eighties look and you have sầu too much money, you’ll love sầu it. If you want a useful firearm, look elsewhere, or commit lớn finding that Goldilocks round that actually works in the COP.. Am I glad I own it? Yes. Would I buy it again? Not a chance.

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