Date a live season 4 release date: anime sequel confirmed!

The 2021 Date a Live sầu Season 4 anime key visual. Pic credit: Studio Geek Toys

The Date A Live sầu Season 4 anime was teased early on by series creator Koushi Tachibamãng cầu. On his Twitter account, he stated that a “new Date A Live project is underway” in addition to lớn the Date A Bullet anime.

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Since the pictures he included showed off both Nia Honjou & Mukuro Hoshimiya it was pretty obvious he was referencing Date A Live sầu Season 4. However, some fans had hoped the new anime project’s format could be a Date A Live movie that covers those two story arcs, but alas, it’s not to be… yet.

Date A Live sầu Season 4 has anime fans both welcoming & dreading the prospect of the future DAL sequel. After all, with the way the third season ended, how bad could the fourth season be?

The anime series has suffered from a tumultuous production. Way baông chồng in 2013, animation studio AIC Plus+ produced both the 12-episode first season và a Date A Live sầu OVA episode. In 2014, the anime switched hands & studio Production IMS created both the second season and the 2015 Date A Live sầu movie.

Production IMS eventually declared bankruptcy so once again the anime series was hot potato-tossed to J.C. Staff. However, many of the key staff members from the earlier projects returned for producing the third season, including director Keitaro Motonagam, producer Chiaki Kurakane, character designer (formerly key animator) Koji Watanabe, and series composition writer Hideki Shirane.

And now the anime has switched hands once again, but at least this time it’s the same main staff và studio that created the Date a Bullet movie.

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The third season also had all of the main voice cast return.

Nobunaga Shimazaki as Shibởi vì ItsukaMarina Inoue as Tohka YatogamiMisuzu Togashi as Origangươi TobiichiAyamãng cầu Taketatsu as Kotori ItsukaIori Nomizu as YoshinoAsami Sanadomain authority as Kurumi TokisakiMaaya Uchida as Kaguya YamaiSarah Engươi Bridcutt as Yuzuru YamaiMinori Chihara as Miku Izayoi

Date A Live Season 4 will need new cast members for new characters Artemisia Bell Ashcroft, Nia Honjou, & Mukuro Hoshimiya.

In the past, FUNimation has provided the English dubbing so it’s likely the English voice cast will return for the Date A Live sầu Season 4 dub. Crunchyroll is streaming previous seasons & will likely stream the fourth season.

What was the reason for the long five-year wait between seasons?

There’s been no official explanation, although in 2014 the anime had already adapted about two-thirds of the available source material. But what is truly puzzling is what happened to lớn DAL Season 3 Episode 12 since it basically butchered the source material.

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This article provides everything that is known about Date A Live sầu Season 4 (Date A Live 4) and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, và analysis. Meanwhile, let’s delve down into what is known for certain.

Date A Live Season 4 release date in October 2021

As of the last update, neither J.C. Staff or any company related lớn the production of the anime has officially confirmed the exact Data A Live sầu Season 4 release date. The production of Date A Live sầu IV has been announced, & it’s been confirmed the fourth season is coming out in Fall 2021.

Once the news is officially confirmed, this article will be updated with the relevant information.

It seems that the Date A Bullet anime was produced first by the same staff, which meant Date A Live Season 4 couldn’t happen until at least 2021 at the very earliest.

Anime news leakers were previously closing the anime would come out earlier in 2021. On October 11, 20đôi mươi, anime news leaker Spytrue claimed, “Date A Live sầu IV TV anime for Spring 2021.”

Date A Light light novel series/manga compared lớn the anime

The story for Date A Live Season 4 will be based on the light novel book series by author Koushi Tachibana and illustrator Tsunako. Celebrating the kết thúc of the light novels, the series finished with Volume 22 on March 19, 20đôi mươi.

Started in 2012, the Date A Live sầu manga adaptation suffered an early death. Mangaka Kakashi Oniyazu released up through Volume 4 but the manga series was canceled due khổng lồ the mangaka suffering from health problems.

There’s been no sign of another manga artist picking up the story from where it left off. Needless khổng lồ say, that means the manga adaptation is far behind the story of the anime.

The biggest problem for anime fans wanting lớn read ahead in the story is that an official English translation of the Date A Live light novel series has never been licensed by any publisher.

English-only readers can’t even turn lớn any fan-made translation projects since book publisher Kadokawa served them DMCA takedown notices years ago.

The last người project stopped in năm ngoái with only part of Volume 13 translated. The download page for the main project is now a dead link, but other sites still host all 13 books.

Perhaps the announcement of two new Date A Live sầu anime projects will result in a North American publisher picking up the book license?

Unfortunately, the unofficial English translation is only slightly ahead of the anime adaptation. The first season adapted the first four novels, the second season adapted Volumes 5 through 7, & then J.C. Staff hit the gas by adapting five books (Volumes 8 through 12) with the third season.

The reason that’s a problem is due lớn the third season essentially rushing through Volume 12: Itsuka Disaster.

The first 11 episodes adapted the story arcs for Natsumi và Origangươi that were two books apiece. But then for Episode 12, J.C. Staff made the baffling decision khổng lồ summarize the entire “sealed spiritual power within Shido running rampant” story arc in one episode, which made it feel more like an extra OVA episode rather than a proper ending khổng lồ a full season.

Even characters lượt thích Mamãng cầu Takamiya were struông xã from the anime’s story entirely even though she appeared in Volumes 8 & 12. More importantly, the introduction of Artemisia Bell Ashcroft was skipped and she appears in Volumes 12 through 17, replacing Mana as DEM’s Adeptus 2 in the new timeline.

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Artemisia plays an important role in relation lớn another major character whose introduction in Volume 12 was skipped by the anime. But that new character is directly relevant to the story of Date A Live sầu Season 4, so if you want lớn know read the spoilers section below.

Light novel fans are used to lớn anime versions condensing the story, but this was the first time the Date A Live sầu anime reduced an entire book down lớn one episode. It almost feels as if the third season was arbitrarily forced inkhổng lồ ending with a 12-episode format.

A better way lớn have handled the story would have been to lớn extend the Origangươi story arc, added an Episode 13, or simply ended with Episode 11.

With any luông xã, Date A Live sầu Season 4 will take a hint from the first episode of High School DxD Hero (see our article on High School DxD Season 5), & retnhỏ Episode 12 to lớn fix all the gaping problems. Even if that doesn’t happen, English-only fans can still find Volume 12 online và read everything that was skipped.

The good news is that the light novels currently provide plenty of source material for Date A Live sầu Season 4. Better yet, the story from the light novels is phối up in such a fashion that only Volumes 13 through 15 (& perhaps some skipped parts from Volume 12) will be adapted.

Volumes 16 through 19 (which have sầu a large focus on the popular Kurungươi character) will likely be reserved for Dave A Live Season 5 since these books’ story arcs are interconnected và conclude with a huge climax.

So, does that mean Date A Live sầu Season 6 will adapt the final ending from Volume 22? Without getting inlớn spoilers, Volume đôi mươi began setting up conditions for the entire story. The final three volumes might be best adapted as a concluding Date A Live sầu movie (preferably two).

The Date A Bullet anime key visual that was released in March 20đôi mươi. Pic credit: Studio GEEKTOYS

Date A Bullet release date: Anime mix to lớn premiere in movie theaters

The Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet anime will be released in Japanese theaters as part of theatrical sự kiện screenings. The story will be released as a two-part Date A Bullet movie.

The Date A Bullet release date is scheduled for fall 20đôi mươi. For more details, please see our related story.

Date A Live 4 anime spoilers

As previously mentioned, the beginning of Date A Live sầu 4 will need to return to lớn Volume 12. Even if the fourth season doesn’t outright retcon the ending of the last season, a return is necessary to lớn pick up on some much-needed details, especially the introduction of certain main characters và villains.

Otherwise, Date A Live sầu Season 4 will return to lớn the formula of introducing new Spirits and have sầu Shibởi go on a date with them to resolve sầu their personal problems. The ninth Spirit is named Nia Honjou, but she happens to lớn be called the Second Spirit because Nia happened to lớn appear on the Earth after the First Spirit.

Nia’s Angel or special ability is a book named Rasiel that gives her only factual (not subjective) information on anything in the world. Everything written in Rasiel becomes reality, although Nia prefers khổng lồ draw manga art and not simply describe future desired events with text.

Because of this omniscient ability, Nia also has information about the First Spirit. Using Rasiel, Nia is able to lớn discover the truth of her own origins. Nia also becomes disheartened because she’s able khổng lồ know everything about anyone she meets, including their inner motivations và malice.

Having lost faith in humanity, Nia falls in love sầu with the 2D world of manga & video games. She reintegrates into society by becoming a manga artist but she also sequesters herself, hiding behind a mask and preferring to lớn pretend people are just NPCs in a game.

DEM eventually realized this successful manga artist was actually a Spirit and Ellen Mira Mathers managed to lớn capture her alive. Fans of her manga knew that she disappeared but mistakenly believed an argument between Nia and her editor caused the disappearance.

Fast forward khổng lồ the present in Volume 12 và Nia is being held in a DEM facility in the Pacific ocean called Neryl Islvà. Known only as Material A, Nia is being guarded by the new Adeptus 2 aka Artemisia Bell Ashcroft as she is being relocated on a DEM transport.

Kurungươi attempts to lớn rescue the captive Material A, but Artemisia is capable of decimating most of Kurumi’s clones in mere seconds. Regardless, the aircraft is shot down, but when Kurumi inspects the wreckage no one is found.

Shortly after Christmas, a starving Nia is found by Shibởi vì after she collapsed on the side of the road. The problem with dating Nia is that she’s a huge otaku & can only fall in love sầu in the 2D world. Shivì must figure out how to make Nia fall in love with hlặng using stereotypical otaku antics.

If that’s not enough problems for Shivì, DEM is able khổng lồ trigger Nia khổng lồ invert và unleash her Demon King Beelzebub. Worse, Artemisia & DEM director Sir Isaac Ray Pelmê say Westcott are ready lớn pounce!

The events from Volume 14 và 15 are out of this world; literally. It turns out a Spirit named Mukuro Hoshimiya is floating around in space. The tenth Spirit is discovered when a meteorite comes crashing down to Earth.

DEM had sent spacecraft to retrieve sầu Mukuro, but she easily defeats the war machines since her Angel Michael can seal away functions of a target, including machinery, memories, and emotions. Mukuro can also create wormholes to lớn teleport… and to lớn drop meteorites down on the Earth in retaliation for the attaông chồng.

Shivày attempts to lớn communicate with Mukuro long-distance, but she strongly rejects him. Mukuro believes he is a hypocrite because he seals the Spirits, thus making them weaker and vulnerable to capture by DEM.

Things get even spacier when Westcott launches a surprise attachồng on the Ratatoskr & uses an ability stolen from Nia to transport Shivị & the Spirit girls into lớn a fantasy world based on fairy tales. Everyone must fight back using new fantasy forms.

The battles eventually shift khổng lồ space by using the Sprit-powered Fraxinus EX. While Shivì is eventually able lớn restore Mukuro’s emotions, the problem is that she’s exceptionally obsessive sầu and clingy about her new love.

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In fact, Mukuro desires that Shivày swear to never see the other girls again and even seals away all the other Spirits’ memories of Shido! It doesn’t take too long before emotions erupt và some of the girls begin khổng lồ invert inkhổng lồ their dark forms.

Unfortunately, anime fans will need to lớn wait until the Date A Live Season 4 release date to lớn watch how Shibởi vì resolves these conflicts. Hopefully, fans won’t have sầu to wait too long for the story arcs of Nia & Mukuro. Stay tuned!

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