Dell Xps 12

Dell has tried some weird 2-in-1 designs in the past that haven't really worked out. Spurred on by the release of Windows 8, the last major attempt for the XPS 12 involved a spinning display that flipped into a tablet. It was weird, but ambitious. Dell is back with another idea for the XPS 12, và it involves magnets.

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At first glance the new XPS 12 looks lượt thích a miniature laptop, but it"s really not. Much like Microsoft"s new Surface Book, there"s a base unit và a separate tablet. Dell is using a 12.5-inch display, and surprisingly you can even get a 4K option here. Dell is using magnets lớn slide the screen into the base unit và all of the components are housed in the tablet itself. It"s basically a tablet that has a good keyboard. The magnets also work to lớn keep the tablet secured lớn the keyboard when you close them together like a regular laptop.

Dell has paid attention to the keyboard and trackpad with this 2-in-1, và it"s chiclet with a precision trackpad. It feels really nice lớn type on and sturdy, & it"s one of the best I"ve seen on a convertible of this size. The trackpad just feels like a smaller version than what"s included with the XPS 13.

Just one viewing angle

While the XPS 12 looks good, the problem with this kiến thiết is that there"s no ability to adjust the viewing angle. That"s a big drawback that means it"s constantly at a 90 degree angle once it"s locked in place. I found that locking it in was a little difficult at times, và you had lớn make sure it perfectly aligned or the trackpad and keyboard didn"t connect up & work properly. Dell tells me that the mã sản phẩm I tested briefly is preproduction & that the company is actually working on improving this before it ships it. While the refreshed XPS 13 & new XPS 15 are shipping this week, this new XPS 12 won"t ship until next month.

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Dell is using two USB Type-C ports, not one

What"s really interesting about the XPS 12 is that it uses USB Type-C. Unlike Apple"s single port idea on the new MacBook, Dell has opted for two USB Type-C ports so you can charge & connect an accessory at the same time. If, like me, you only have USB peripherals right now then Dell is even including an adaptor in the box. If you want a cover then there"s even a folio that will be included. Dell hasn"t forgotten about stylus support either, but it"s not in the box. You"ll need lớn purchase the pen separately, but there"s a space to lớn attach it to lớn the folio.

Inside the XPS 12 is Intel"s latest chip core M5 processor. We haven"t seen many devices using the Skylake bộ vi xử lý core M chips yet, but the XPS 12 didn"t feel slow or laggy at all during my brief testing. This could be the time when chip core M starts khổng lồ get a little closer to lớn the performance (not graphics) of the chip core I processors.

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Dell says it plans to lớn ship the XPS 12 by the kết thúc of the year, but most likely next month. There will be two configurations, & the first starts at $999 for a standard HD touch display, 128GB of storage, and 8GB of RAM. A more expensive $1299 option includes the 4K display và 256GB of storage, and both will ship with the same 2.7GHz bộ vi xử lý core M5 processor.