Support For Xps 13 Ultrabook, Xps 13 Laptop With Infinity Display


Sorry, this thành tựu is not available anymore for purchase online. Please see our recommended replacement hàng hóa.

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Our most powerful 13-inch in its class, remastered. With an innovative HD webcam located in the top of the InfinityEdge display và next generation Cinema.

We"ve redefined sophistication with our new frost with arctic trắng woven glass fiber or platinum silver with blaông chồng carbon fiber interior.



Less border, more pixels: We"ve improved every part of the display. Enjoy a screen that seems endless with an InfinityEdge display, enabling a 13.3" screen in an 11-inch form factor with an 80.7% screen-to-body toàn thân ratio. See every detail you didn"t know you were missing with optional stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution that packs in 8 million pixels.Vibrant colors: By maximizing the color spectrum with 100% sRGB color và a 1500:1 contrast ratio, every shadow takes shape và even bright scenes gain definition.Beautiful from every angle: The anti-reflective sầu screen combined with superior 400-nit brightness frees you to lớn enjoy your entertainment outdoors. Plus, the IPS panel provides a wider viewing angle, so you can giới thiệu your screen without missing a thing.

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Scorching looks that keep their cool
Improved camera location: We pushed innovation to its limits khổng lồ create"s smallest HD webcam (only 2.25mm) that’s housed in the top of the famed InfinityEdge display—now front & center.Revolutionary webcam construction: The new XPS 13 webcam isn"t just smaller—it"s also better. A new 4-element lens uses more elements than a typical webcam khổng lồ deliver sharp Clip in all areas of the frame, while temporal noise reduction uses advanced noise reduction, significantly improving đoạn Clip quality, especially in dlặng lighting conditions. Finally, the lens is assembled with precise machinery to ensure all points of the image are in focus.One-handed open: The new variable torque hinge kiến thiết enables an easy, one-handed open. It also means your screen is more stable, even when you"re in motion or using the optional touchscreen.An icy white: We kept pushing the XPS 13 until we perfected our woven glass fiber palm rest to be a brighter-than-ever Trắng, called arctic trắng.
Seamless PC/điện thoại thông minh integration: Access multiple devices without dividing your attention— thiết bị di động Connect pairs your iOS or Android điện thoại thông minh with your laptop.

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Limit disruptions: With di động Connect, you get the option to channel notifications from phone calls, SMS, IMs and other apps right khổng lồ your máy tính. Keep your focus on a single screen & respond only when it’s convenient for you. Maintain your privacy: Your phone connects lớn your PC via Smartphone Connect’s point-to-point, secure connection so your data is never exposed via unsecure mạng internet connections.* sản phẩm điện thoại Connect is not available on Windows 10 (S mode).
1. Speaker | 2. 1 MicroSD card reader | 3. USB-C 3.1 with power delivery & DisplayPort | 4. Headmix jaông xã | 5. Wedge-shaped loông xã slot | 6. 2 Thunderbolt™ 3 with power delivery & DisplayPort (4 lanes of PCI Express Gen 3) | 7. HD camera | 8. Battery gauge indicator | 9. Speaker
1. Height: 15.8milimet (0.62") | 2. Width: 302mm (11.9") | 3. Depth: 199milimet (7.8") | 4. Weight: Starting at 1.23 kilogam (2.7 lbs)*