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CHITTY Chitty Bang Bang stole the hearts of movie-goers when it was released in 1968.

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Here's what happened lớn the film's child stars.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was released in 1968 and starred Dick van Dyke

What happened to lớn the children from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

The children of the movie became international stars after the film's release.

The movie, which came out in 1968, starred Dichồng Van Dyke as their mad inventor dad, Caractacus Potts.

Sally Ann Howes played Truly Scrumptious & Lionel Jeffries was Grandpa Potts

Here we take a look at the lives of the kids after the famous film...


Heather Ripley, now 61, played Jemima Potts

As Jemima Potts, the eight-year-old Brit stole the heart of movie-goers everywhere in the classic 1968 movie.

But her life after the film was very different.

As a teenager, Heather ran away from her Dundee trang chính after her parents’ split, which she blamed on her global fame.

She became an activist and lived in makeshift peace camps where she raised her two children, daughter Josie và son 6struyenky.vnsmo.

In 1984, she was arrested during a prodemo at the Faslane nuclear submarine base in S6struyenky.vntlvà after lying down in the road khổng lồ blochồng traffic.

She was held for 15 hours before being released without charge.

She eventually settled back inkhổng lồ a “normal life” in her hometown of Dundee but her troubles were far from over.

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The film made child stars out of Heather Ripley and Adrian HallCredit: Ronald Grant Archive

In 1999, she faced a legal battle with her family after her aunt & uncle attempted lớn get her evicted from her grandmother’s house.

Seven years later she was arrested for driving without a licence – presumably in a oto that just refused khổng lồ fly.

The former child star, now 59, is writing a book about the movie & is hoping to return lớn acting.

In 2016 she revealed: "For a long time I blamed the split of my family on the film.

“As an eight-year-old it was a natural 6struyenky.vnnclusion lớn reach, that it must be the film's fault.

"But I am now beginning to lớn realise that there are some problems in my family that have sầu nothing to vày with the film."

Adrian Hall

Adrian is now 61Credit: ITV

By Heather's side in the famous flying oto and the Childcatcher’s cage was fellow child actor Adrian Hall, in his first screen role as Jeremy Potts.

Adrian went baông xã lớn grammar school after finding fame in the film, before attending drama school at 18.

But he took Chitty Chitty Bang Bang off his CV after failing to lớn lvà more work.

He said: “I know that it stopped me being 6struyenky.vnnsidered for roles. People only think you're a child actor. It wasn't until I removed it that I got my first jobs."

After a moderately successful career in West End theatre, he gave sầu it all up 13 years ago.

Instead he took up work as a teacher at the Guildford School of Drama.

"This is far more rewarding than acting," he said.

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movie miss

6struyenky.vnrrie's Jack Phường Shepherd 'f***ed up' audition - that made Jamie Bell a star
"If you are on stage for two hours you get a round of applause and that's it."

Adrian, also 61, has two sons from his former dancer wife Barbara & is currently the Principal of London’s Academy of Live và Re6struyenky.vnrded Arts.

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