I have a very vague memory of someone from Klei mentioning they wanted to add Shipwrecked into DST. Has anything been said about this? It"d be awesome lớn sail the seven seas as a monkey with some friends. 

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Terra B Welch

Oooh, this question gets asked every now & then on a regular like-clockwork schedule, it seems. From Klei: No. They"re pretty much said flat-out it won"t happen. 

BUUUUUTTT, you can look up "Island Adventures" on the Steam workshop, as well as the Shipwrecked Characters mod, if you want...

Basically there"s no way lớn make the game itself have Shipwrecked in it for _everybody_, but you CAN, with the right mods, more or less have Don"t Sink Together for _you_.  

And btw, I too prefer IA over the tropical mod, the first one is much better regarding both content and stability.


Posted March 9, 2019

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Posted March 9, 2019

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What Island Adventures doesn"t have yet:

-SW Only Worldgen(Right now our only preset is "Merged", which generates the RoG continent as the spawn area, but surrounded by SW water and nội dung once you sail off.Here"s an example of the Merged map: )

-Characters(Will be rebalanced & more fun for multiplayer, including a buffed Warly và slightly nerfed Woodlegs, but in ways you"ll enjoy)

-Volcano(That includes related mobs và items like the volcanic tab, dragoons and coffee)

-Seasonal Weather Effects(We already have temperatures, I mean stuff lượt thích hail, strong winds, flooding, & volcano eruptions)

-Treasure Hunting(We"ll likely revisit the thành quả pool for this)

-Quacken(We"re gonna be revamping him into a raid quái dị due to lớn how much of a pushover he is in singleplayer)

First of all I want lớn give you my most sincere congratulations, Island Adventure gave me dozens of hours of fun and, apart from loading times monstrous, it was very stable và with very little lag, really good. I think Klei really should take your mod và make it an official world generation option when creating a server (do you want it classic, together or island adventure?) Choose, your world, your rules!)

But I would like to ask you one thing: on Island Adventure you could not ride the beefalo of water... On the water?? 

It would be the perfect counterpart of ground beef & it would be fun! Imagine kraken hunting by riding your beast with spear! Poetic.

I know that maybe it"s something difficult to make technically... But dreaming does not cost anything, not?