Add a personal touch


You can make your new watch even more special with a personal message engraved onkhổng lồ the bachồng of the case.

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Our high unique engraving service allows space for up to 25 characters depending on the case design and adds just 2/3 working days khổng lồ the delivery time.

A perfect fitting bracelet? No hassle!

Why not let our experts kích thước the bracelet of your new watch khổng lồ fit your wrist perfectly và save sầu you the time & bother? Just tell us the kích thước of your wrist in the drop-down box provided and leave the rest khổng lồ us.

Not sure of your wrist size? No problem. Here’s how to lớn find out:

Wrap a piece of paper or string around your wrist. At the point of overlap make a mark with a pen Measure the length of paper or string lớn the marked point. Cliông chồng on “Bracelet Resize” and select your wrist kích cỡ from the list
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Description Tech Specs và Features Review
Looks aren’t everything. OK, they are

The see-through sapphire dial of the C60 Sapphire goes through trăng tròn steps & over 80 operations before it"s ready. A procedure that delivers a material that’s not only beautiful và scratch-resistant but also incredibly thin (just 0.6milimet thickness). Using labgrown sapphire forthe dial not only lets you see the workings of the movement but gives you a flash of colour every time you glance at the watch.

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But this is not a timepiece that trades only on its looks.

A professional diving watch, the case is made of 316L stainless steel và engineered for water resistance of 600m. The indexes are filled with Super-LumiNova® Grade X1 GL C1 so you can kiểm tra the time no matter how dark (or wet) it is. And thanks lớn the watch’s 40mm width, it’ll sit happily on every kích cỡ of wrist.

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The baông chồng of the watch is every bit as mesmerising as the front. Turn it over, và you’ll see the bespoke Sellita SW200-1 movement ticking away through the sapphire caseback. A movement that’s not only accurate và reliable but delivers a 38-hour power reserve when the watch is taken off.