Minimap, dota 2 map

Dota’s newest update brings a shining new hero và a complete maps rework. Almost every Hero received some changes in the Dota 2 7.29 update.

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Dota 2 Patch 7.29 is now available for download on Steam. The Dawnbringer Update also brings Dota’s total Hero pool up to 121 with the addition of the titular character. The entire Dota maps has also received several notable reworks that point towards defensive play và safer early-game creep pulling.

New Hero: Valora the Dawnbreaker

(Picture: Valve) Dawnbringer is a Melee Strength Hero designed khổng lồ be played as a core. Her Q, Starbreaker, starts a combo of hammer swings ending in a powerful stun. Her W ability Celestial Hammer sends her weapon forward and either retrieves it automatically or gives her a partial teleport khổng lồ the lodged hammer. Luminosity grants lifesteal to herself và any cđại bại allies on every fourth physical attachồng.Lastly, her Ultimate Solar Guardian allows her lớn teleport lớn an ally’s aid anywhere on the bản đồ with a heal-and-harm bubble to lớn announce her arrival. She also has a chất lượng idle animation where she plays golf with her hammer.

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Read more: Learn about Valora the Dawnbreaker, the newest anh hùng of Dota 2Her kit seems geared towards converting offensive sầu power into healing for your team. Luminosity and Solar Guardian can both heal multiple units, but they require a few hoops to jump through. Her thành tích build is still up in the air, but we’ll have sầu some suggestions in a Dawnbreaker build guide soon. 

Map Updates

The 7.29 Dota maps looks very different from before. The entire jungle on both Radiant và Dire has been reworked. Take a look at the new Radiant safelane:(Picture: Valve) The jungle has been radically designed khổng lồ make pulls safer. The Dire offlane can cut one tree down to get a direct line cthất bại to lớn their tower. The Radiant can still pull as normal, & the repositioned small camp makes it easier lớn latch lane creeps. Similar defensive adjustments can be seen in the Dire bottom jungle, which is now officially called "The Triangle".(Picture: Valve) The Ancient camp is now even closer to the Tier 2 tower, plus the carry can now see onto the low ground while farming. Both of these make it easier khổng lồ protect and farm Ancient stacks. These traits hint at longer games và more emphasis on Ancient stacks, which were more easily contestable on the old Patch. 7.29’s maps reworks could be a boon for late-game carries like Terrorblade & Naga Siren.

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Read More: Dota 2 Singapore Major: Invictus reverse sweep Evil Geniuses for championshipThe Dawnbringer Update is available now for all Steam accounts with Dota 2 installed. The new Hero Dawnbringer is completely free khổng lồ play. Patch 7.29 will receive sầu multiple lettered subpatches as the metagame develops.