Drive Ahead! For Android


Multiplayer PvP & Boss Fights

Dodreams Fairytale Company Oy

Designed for ipad tablet

4.6 • 126.5K Ratings free Offers In-App Purchases

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Watch your head in gladiator oto fights! This game really is the best of head-to-head battlers - knock your friend in the head with a stunt driving car to score. We guarantee crazy multiplayer motorsport fun with friends.Collect over 300 stylized racing cars khổng lồ master increasingly dangerous battle arenas. We got off-road vehicles, garbage trucks, tanks, stunt cars and more. Some of the rides are quite out of this world, lượt thích the ghost pirate ship, electric reindeer or Mini-T-Rex with an actual gun… You build your car battle team any way you like. Team up with friends in crews. Level-up và power-up to face other teams & horrific Bosses. Time to lớn grab the wheel và become a Master oto Gladiator! This may be a casual game, but it has tons of content to unlock & game modes khổng lồ master.- The Battle Arena is the place where racing champions are made! Clash with friends in quick-fire 2-player fights- Team up with guild mates in crews. Crush other teams on the leaderboards và lead your crew lớn victory in co-op racing challenges.- Take a roadtrip to lớn face adventure và crash into adversaries. Perfect your skills controlling these cartoony cars. - nội dung your high scores và most hilarious moments with our active đoạn phim community. Get your đoạn phim featured in our community hub and become a trending driver. - kiểm tra out daily stunts, there’s new quests lớn complete every day- There’s a new universe out there in Rift Riders trùm cuối fights that are updated weekly- How long can you reign in King of the Hill against an endless flow of opponents before you go kaboom?- Explore exotic stylized Mission Stadiums for amazing rewards, while avoiding hazards like robots, aliens and penguins. Seriously, the penguins are the most dangerous.Hundreds of px cars, helmets, levels, missions, & game modes bring endless hours of helmet-crashing two-player racing action with freak accidents! Just be careful not lớn wreck yourself!You can email us at driveahead dodreams com. Here is our Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy: you enjoying Drive Ahead? Help us make more fun games like this by rating và reviewing it!

UPDATE 3.23Racing seasonHigh-speed Racing tracks & missions!Race your enemies to reach the finish line!New oto boxesNew themed car boxes come in three rarities, each with increasingly higher rarity contents