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From the grim truth about her toàn thân to her terrifying secret abilities, here are some fascinating details about Resident Evil 7"s Eveline!


It's been years since Resident Evil 7: Biohazard came out và startled viewers with the terrifying Baker family in the Louisiana bayou. With the next installment in the franchise on the books (or perhaps hard drives), it's time lớn look back at the previous big baddie: Eveline.

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While it's unknown how much influence the previous trò chơi will have on the upcoming title, Ethan's return as the protagonist gives fans a reason khổng lồ re-examine his previous foe & theorize about what her story might mean for the future of the Resident Evil universe. Before fans get to lớn tangle with the towering Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village, there's much more lớn learn about the series' last antagonist. Watch out for some ending & final quái thú spoilers!

Updated on May 25, 2021, by Juliet Childers: Who is Eveline in Resident Evil 7? Despite the game being older, many fans still find themselves puzzled at this question. In Resident Evil, Eveline is one in a long line of bio-engineered pseudo-humans. But her story ties in directly with Resident Evil 8 of which Resident Evil 7 is a direct prequel. So what might fans still not know about the lonely little bioweapon?


Eveline looks lượt thích a harmless ten-year-old girl, but her origins are anything but. Known by an alternate title, E-001, Eveline was created by a bioweapons research group as an experiment in harnessing a newly designed fungus.

Everything about her was intentional, from her age (which made her seem less suspicious) to lớn her placement with Ethan's wife Mia, who posed as a parental guardian. The fact that Eveline was created to destroy drives much of her character, ultimately leading her lớn manipulate her powers to fulfill her desire khổng lồ belong.


Some fans have wondered why Eveline wasn't created as an adult instead. The intent behind Eveline's creation was for her lớn be a weapon. The Connections, another Umbrella-like shadow corporation, chose the form of a baby. They infected her from a cellular foundation, but fans believe that she was born like a normal human. None of this was by accident.

Not only can children disappear more easily in crowds, but they are overall less likely to be accused of terrorism. She could infiltrate almost any location from schools lớn refugee camps to lớn government buildings on an innocent tour. & we all know just how easily she can spread her fungus.


The most prominent ability Eveline possesses is her telepathic influence on those around her. She is imbued with Mold, a modified fungal substance, and ejects it from her body toàn thân by vomiting. Once Mold has been ingested by a host, Eveline gains control over their minds. She can even create tentacle-like masses of it that operate lượt thích extensions of her body.

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She uses her power lớn keep the Bakers và Mia as her adopted family, causing them lớn see her as a child even after she has grown old. This nguồn is not unbeatable, though, as we see Mia fight off the urge lớn save Ethan và the details recorded in Marguerite's notebook.


Eveline wants a family more than anything else. When she washed up on the shores of the Baker family land with Mia, Eveline's desire is right at her fingertips. Through her influence, Eveline attempts khổng lồ build her image of the perfect family.

She manipulates Marguerite và Jack Baker into doing her bidding, having them kidnap passersby to địa chỉ cửa hàng to her vision. The sole reason why Mia lures Ethan khổng lồ the Baker home is because Eveline wants another father figure. Whether this desire demonstrates her humanity peeking through or her design khổng lồ blend in is xuất hiện to discussion.

In the same vein as wanting lớn belong, Eveling wanted an ever-growing family. However, in order to get this, she just straight up had people abducted. Lucas would target tourists and houseless people so as not to cause too much ruckus.

However, as of 2016 in the game, the Bakers caught national attention for their abductions. This wouldn't stop Eveline's hunger for family as she would then use Mia to lớn try and "collect" Ethan as a father figure.

Mother Miranda appears as a prominent figure in Resident Evil Village. But that isn't her first appearance in the franchise by any means. In fact, Eveline is created using DNA from Eva, Miranda's late child.

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Unfortunately (?), Miranda did not see Eveline as the right vessel to lớn bring back her daughter in. So Eveline was abandoned in that respect which may play into why she's so desperate to create a family of her own.

Eveline, as generous as she can be, offers those she wants to adopt into her family a gift: a quick jab with some Mold. It's easy khổng lồ say that not everyone she offers this gift is excited to receive it. A case in point would be the unfortunate Alan.

Alan & Mia were assigned khổng lồ Eveline to lớn serve as her surrogate parents, to lớn further solidify the illusion of Eveline just being a little girl. The mix of the hurricane terrorizing the boat & Alan rejecting her causes Eveline to lớn become furious và unstable, ultimately leading khổng lồ Alan's demise during the tricky shipwreck segment of the game.

While it's no surprise that Eveline turns out khổng lồ be the final quái dị of the trò chơi (and quite a tough one at that), the stakes for young Eveline truly come to lớn light when it's revealed that the old lady living with the Bakers is, in fact, Eveline herself.

Until this reveal, players only see Eveline identified in her young form. This form is deceptive, though (another trick of her biological engineering). Her true body toàn thân is withered và weak because one of the side effects of her creators' experimentation is accelerated aging. Eveline's ultimate death at the over of the trò chơi is just the final moment of a life already cut short.

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Eveline's toàn thân grows old, but internally, Eveline still has the naivety và lack of understanding common in children. She refers lớn Mia as "Mommy" repeatedly, draws pictures that are discoverable throughout the game, và owns dolls that look eerily similar khổng lồ her young self. This is further supported by Eveline's reaction to Ethan injecting her with the E-Necrotoxin.

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Eveline begs Ethan khổng lồ get away from her, saying things like, "why does everyone hate me?" While excusing her actions because of her childishness may not be agreeable, understanding Eveline's fragile mind makes her a multi-faceted và sympathetic foe.

Eveline's physical body is decaying by the time Ethan arrives on the scene, but the true extent of Eveline's condition gives us a potential insight into why she is so desperate lớn get her dream family.

In a doctor's note in the second story grandmother's room, it's revealed that Eveline has fungal parasites growing in her brain. She's dying & her accelerated aging is making it worse. This could provide some potential justification as to lớn why Eveline's desire for a family becomes so desperate as Ethan arrives, as having one is her sole wish và purpose.

That's right: Lucas is not being controlled by Evelin at all during the game. The Connections gifted Lucas with a serum that made him immune. That means that he was knowingly doing all of these horrid things the whole time.

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Due lớn this psychopathy, many fans consider Lucas the "real" villain in the game. After all, Eveline was just a virus/mold given human form (more or less). Lucas is a human being with agency -- an agency he used khổng lồ create death traps in the name of "science". He also planned khổng lồ betray The Connections và take Eveline's Mold for his own purposes.

Healing mechanics in horror games often go unquestioned & unexplained. However, Eveline's Mold abilities provide some insight into the impossible way Ethan Winters' hand was restored after the incident with the chainsaw. The Baker parents are hurt a lot in the game, mostly through Ethan's doing. Despite sustaining otherwise life-threatening injuries or alterations, the Bakers survive.

This is most evident in Jack's multiple returns from seemingly obvious death, as he becomes more và more disfigured by this đen Mold. By his final death, Jack resembles one of the many Molded creatures Ethan encounters throughout the game (which causes Jack's final monster fight khổng lồ be one of the game's most difficult).

Eveline's Mold changes human bodies, both healing and altering them in the process. Perhaps this explains why the rare and elusive Steroids are such a useful item, increasing Ethan's max health.

As fans of the series will know, BOWs (bio-organic weapons) are often the largest or most ominous trùm cuối fights. There have been dozens over the series with Nemesis and Mr. X being the most memeable. Of course, Albert Wesker might be the most memorable for some fans.

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Though Eveline is not the most powerful BOW, she is certainly among the greats, so lớn speak. Many fans consider another BOW very similar to her, Lisa Trevor, to be the second most powerful lớn date.

Zoe's fate gives players a shock by revealing a previously unseen ability of Eveline's. If the gamers choose lớn save Mia at the docks, Zoe is left to Eveline's wrath. Betrayal is the ultimate deal-breaker in Eveline's idealized family, so Zoe suffers a punishment even more horrific than becoming one of the Molded.

Zoe is calcified, leaving her crystalline and immobile. This is certain doom unless someone finds & crafts a serum with the E-Necrotoxin khổng lồ save her, which is exactly what Joe Baker aims to do during the end of Zoe campaign.

Eveline's death at the end of Resident Evil 7 may have left players feeling lượt thích they'd seen the end of her psychological reign over her victims, but it may not be that simple.

Ethan & Mia are the only surviving people still infected by Eveline at the end of the game. There are hints that Mia still suffers the lingering effects of the Mold even though Eveline isn't around to lớn control it. Ethan và Mia returned in Resident Evil 8, but the trò chơi leaves it rather open-ended as khổng lồ whether or not Mia is the "real" Mia.

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All fans know is that Rosemary, the mold-human, survives alongside Mia.

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