Change or remove workbook passwords


When you work with sensitive data, you might run across protected Excel sheets. You might also want to give other people access to lớn that information, without sharing your (or someone else’s) passcodes with them. In that case, you can remove a password from a protected Excel sheet or file và then safely tóm tắt the document with your colleagues.

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Here are a few different methods & tools that you can use to lớn remove a password from a protected Excel sheet.


How to check if the Excel tệp tin Is Encrypted

Before you try khổng lồ crack a password-protected Excel document, you need khổng lồ find out whether the entire file is encrypted, or if it’s only a sheet within the workbook that’s protected. 

To vì chưng that, try to xuất hiện your Excel file. If you can open and view the file, but can’t edit it, that means that only one worksheet in the Excel workbook is password-protected. If you mở cửa the file and get a pop-up warning asking you lớn enter a password, then your entire Excel file is encrypted & you won’t be able to open it as easily.

How khổng lồ Unprotect an Excel Sheet if You Know the Password

If you remember your Excel sheet or workbook password, you simply need khổng lồ remove it to lớn unprotect your document. That can come in handy when you want to share the file with a colleague or a friend & need them to make edits as well. 

In that case, you don’t need to lớn break your password or use any third-party tools to unprotect your document. You can safely remove it within Microsoft Excel. Lớn unprotect an Excel sheet, follow the steps below.

Open the password-protected Excel document. If your Excel tệp tin isn’t encrypted, you’ll be able to open and view it without having khổng lồ enter the password.

Find the sheet that you need to unprotect at the bottom of your Excel Workbook. The password-protected sheet will have a padlock icon next khổng lồ it.

Type the password into the pop-up window và select Ok.

If you see the padlock icon next to lớn the sheet’s name disappear, then your sheet is now unprotected. If you have many password-protected sheets within the workbook, you’ll have khổng lồ unprotect each of them.

Remove Password from Excel Using a Third-Party App

If you misplaced your password & need to crack an encrypted Excel file, you’ll need to use tools other than Microsoft Excel. All those tools need you to buy a licensed version, so removing a password from your tệp tin will cost you.

Modern versions of Excel use advanced encryption methods which make it extremely difficult & often impossible to remove a forgotten password from your document by yourself. So unless your Excel document was encrypted prior lớn 2013, you’ll have to use a third-party app to crack it.

Passware Excel Key

A good example of software that can vì this is Passware Excel Key. It’s a simple Excel password remover tool that supports all versions of Excel. Meaning you can use it to lớn crack any Excel file, even if you don’t know when it was encrypted. Before buying the license, you can also tải về a kiểm tra version and test it. The test version however will only recover the first 3 characters of your password.

To crack a password-protected Excel tệp tin using Passware Excel Key, all you have to do is install the Passware Excel Key tiện ích on your computer, & then use it to open your Excel file. Depending on the complexity of the password, the recovery process might be finished within a few minutes.

When testing the tool against the passcode “password”, the recovery took just under 15 minutes. However, keep in mind that if you use a harder password that contains both letters, numbers, and symbols, the recovery process could take hours.

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One useful feature of Passware Excel Key is that the software supports multilingual passwords as well. The basic kit license starts at $49 and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. You can also tải về a test version to see how the tool works first.

iSeePassword Excel Password Recovery

One more tool we’re going to lớn recommend is the iSeePassword Excel Password Recovery tool that’s also called Dr Excel. Here’s how lớn remove a password from an Excel file using Dr Excel.

Download & install Dr Excel on your computer.Open Dr Excel & select to either Recover mở cửa Password from Excel or Remove Workbook, Worksheet Password.Under Step 1, select Add File và choose your Excel file.Under Step 2, select the type of attack that you want khổng lồ use to lớn crack the password: Dictionary Attack if you remember that you used an easy letter-only password, Brute-Force with Mask Attack if you want to lớn remove the password quicker, or Brute-Force if you remember that it’s a difficult password.Select Start.

If you’ve used an easy password that’s under 6 characters, you should be able to crack it within an hour. However, if you’ve used a more complex passcode that contains letters, numbers, and symbols, removing it will take several hours.

Dr Excel license costs $29.95 for lifetime use. You can also use the trial version to chạy thử the software before buying it.

How to lớn Remove Password from Excel Online

If you don’t want lớn install new software or don’t have time for it, you can use one of the password removal tools available online, lượt thích Password-Find. Lớn remove a password from your Excel file using Password-Find, follow the steps below.

Open the Password-Find website.
Select khổng lồ either Remove password or Find password, then select Next Step to confirm.

One advantage of Password-Find is how quickly it’ll crack your Excel file’s password. When testing it with the easy passcode “password”, it was removed within seconds, not even minutes or hours that you can expect from similar tools. The harder passcode that contains letters, numbers, & symbols still only took under 2 minutes lớn remove.

After your password is removed, you can kiểm tra the kiểm tra version of your unprotected Excel file. Khổng lồ access your file fully & to tải về it for future use you’ll have lớn buy a Password-Find sản phẩm license that costs $13.

Other Methods You Can Use

If you don’t want lớn spend money on cracking your Excel document, or if the methods you used failed, you can try other techniques lớn remove a password from Excel. Bear in mind that they are much more time consuming & less beginner-friendly than using a password removal tool.

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Have you ever had lớn remove a password from an Excel file? Which method did you use to bởi vì it? giới thiệu your experience with cracking Excel documents in the comments section below.

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